Tortur and Harasment in Mujahedin Khalq

Rights group cites Iran exiles MKO for abuses

A human rights group Thursday leveled charges of torture, psychological abuse and even murder against an Iranian dissident organization ..Human Rights Watch, the international advocacy group, made the charges in a report based on people who describe themselves as dissidents and defectors from the group, the Mujahedin al-Khalq or MEK or PMOI. Former members, interviewed by human rights watch, ?reported abuses ranging from detention and persecution of ordinary members wishing to leave the organization, to lengthy solitary confinements,…

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The Abu Ghraib prison that I know

name that sent shivers down the back of any Iraqi, was in front of me and I, with over twenty one years history of serving the Mojahedin organization, had to start a new existence in this prison and wait for the leadership of the organization, especially Maryam, the sensual wife of Massoud Rajavi, to decide in what way they will eliminate me.

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