The MEK; Baath Party Accomplice

The MKO treacherous alliance with the former Iraqi dictator

The war episodes remained in the historical memory of Iranian nation. One Chapter of the war yet was bitterer to the Iranian people: Although all Iranians whatever their religion or political view would be, united to resist the enemy, just one group hand in hand with the enemy took arm against their own fellow countrymen. This betrayer group was Mujahedin Khalq.

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‘I support the MEK out of my loyalty to Saddam’

Al Zyoud said through his Facebook page, “Remember always that the Iranian opposition was sponsored by Great Martyr Saddam Hussein, and our faithful commander met with them and listened to them and I will talk about those meetings.” The Jordanian Parliamentary delegation, which comprised 19 MPs from the Congress, drew sharp criticism …

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Iraq elections and defeat for Baathist- MeK band

Iraqi 2013 provincial election, in which the State of Law Coalition acquired 97 seats out of 369 seats and won a significant victory in the first rank, demonstrated that full-scale efforts of Baathist-Mujahedeen band to undermine Maliki, a campaign that had been started from months ago, have had no considerable influence in Iraqi politics.

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