Mujahedin Khalq Organization

The raid to Ashraf could leave Iran cheering

Reports out of Iraq say government troops have raided the Mujahedeen-e Khalq Camp. Though the MEK /MKO/PMOI has long been recognized as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department, its members housed in Camp Ashraf just north of Baghdad had been placed under U.S. protection ..Scholars and human-rights activists have long accused the organization of functioning like a religious cult, employing brainwashing techniques, ideological cleansings, forced celibacy (except when it comes to the Rajavis themselves), and even torture to condition its members to absolute obedience..

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A report of purges within Mojahedin Khaq

Once in a letter addressed to Christopher George of Human Rights Watch/Middle East entitled Human Rights Abuse in Rajavi’s cult, Nowrooz Ali Rezvani, a disaffected and former member of MKO, presented documented reports of many physical and psychological mistreatments of the members by MKO leaders ..A woman named Zahra was designated to work as a kitchen porter in Camp Saadati after she was demoted of her organizational rank. Later, her frozen body was found in the refrigerator..

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Rand: The Mujahedin-e Khalq in Iraq – A policy conundrum

… A RAND study examined the evolution of this controversial decision, which has left the United States open to charges of hypocrisy in the war on terrorism. An examination of MeK activities establishes its cultic practices and its deceptive recruitment and public relations strategies. A series of coalition decisions served to facilitate the MeK leadership’s control over its members. The government of Iraq wants to expel the group, but no country other than Iran will accept it.

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