Missions of Nejat Society

Families organize petition

In a meeting held [with the assistance of Nejat Society] in Eastern Azerbaijan province on September 28, two defectors of MKO joined their families. In the event, a number of MKO members’ families signed a petition addressing Red Cross office in Tehran, Iraq and Switzerland embassies in Tehran and asked for direct meeting with their loved ones held in MKO’s camp Ashraf in Iraq.

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The statement of Iraqi tribes’ leaders and Nejat Society

After two decades of usurping presence of terrorist MKO in Iraq territory , along with Saddam Hussein ‘s monarchist aims in the region and considering their treason to both friend countries Iran and Iraq- as Saddam’s mercenaries and regarding to their activities including : Participation in”Morvarid”[pear] operation to suppress Kurds’ uprising in Iraq in which hundreds of Iraqi civilians were killed or injured by mortal squads of MKO….

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Iraqi Tribes Vs. MKO

In the meeting, held in Hotel Pars in Shirza, one of the leaders (of Iraqi tribes) said:”Although we were not informed of many issues about this group, we always opposed to their presence in Iraq.”…..”.All Iraqi tribes want this group expelled from Iraq but now the Americans control this group and we have intervention in the issue,”Vahab Abd Khashi Al-Salam added.

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