Ahmad Baaraan

  • FranceDear Mr, Berbard Kushner you are correct

    Dear Mr, Berbard Kushner you are correct

    You are correct in your recent assessment of the terrorist nature of the PMOI. This group has never denounced violence and terrorism in its Persian publications; and indeed continues to endorse and promote them. The recent unclassified reports by the group’s own former members do…

  • Mujahedin Khalq Organization as a terror groupCombating Terrorism Requires New Outlook

    Combating Terrorism Requires New Outlook

    the PMOI has many aliases such as MeK, MKO, NCRI, NLA, to name a few. But all refer to the same group, the Mojahdeen-e Khalgh (MeK). When the group was listed in the EU terror list, its members continued their activities under the façade of…

  • UKErrors in UK Court Decision

    Errors in UK Court Decision

    A recent UK Court of Appeals decision to uphold a lower court ruling that PMOI (MEK, or MKO) is no longer “concerned in terrorism” revealed serious flaws and a lack of sophistication in the UK legal framework when it comes to combating terrorism. In addition…

  • Mujahedin Khalq Organization as a terror groupMEK and the Terror Lists

    MEK and the Terror Lists

    Following my response to Patrick Clawson’s piece of April 25, I received several inquiries about my views of MEK and its recent launching of a massive deceptive campaign aiming to remove the group from the list of the Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) published and maintained…

  • Duplicity within Mujahedin Khalq OrganizationA response to Patrick Clawson

    A response to Patrick Clawson

    A direct reference to Mojahedin-e Khalgh Organization with its diverse aliases such as MEK, MKO, PMOI, OPMI, NCR, NCRI, NLA, to name just a few, draw my attention to the Clawson’s views. I was nudged by further curiosity when I noticed that a Farsi translation…

  • European UnionRe-listing MEK (PMOI) important, but not enough!

    Re-listing MEK (PMOI) important, but not enough!

    The MEK continues to operate in Europe with its headquarter in Auver-sur-oise Village in Paris. The MEK refer to its former members as the agents of the Iranian Information Ministry in order to justify its violent attacks. The truth is that the MEK has used…

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