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  • The cult of RajaviOrganisational Divorces within PMOI

    Organisational Divorces within PMOI

    After the defeat of Mujahedin in its terrorist operations, including the operation dubbed as “Eternal Light” , the leadership in order to cover up its own weaknesses and failed strategy, declared that the reason for the weaknesses of MKO/PMOI forces was the lack of devotion…

  • Mujahedin Khalq Organization as a terror groupNCRI and Money Laundering

    NCRI and Money Laundering

    One of the tricks NCRI/MKO/PMOI uses in Europe to fundraise is to form front associations with the purported aim of supporting Iranian children and asylum seekers.The Mujahedin Khalq or the so called PMOI, by gaining the sympathy of ignorant people and extracting money from them,…

  • The cult of RajaviA Cult called NCRI

    A Cult called NCRI

    In a cult, the self appointed leader is the centre of power and is the one who determines the values and goals. There is no limit to the authority of the leader. ..MKO / PMOI, taking Marxism as a model, as of its inception and…

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