Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 263

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest

++ This week MEK were intending to visit the US Senate using the Organization of Iranian American Communities as a front. Ali Akbar Rastgu of Aawa Association wrote a letter to the head of the Senate warning that these people are in fact MEK, and enclosed documents showing MEK’s history of killing Americans, cheering for 9/11, support for Saddam and pointing out that the US attacked Iraq in 2003 partly because of them. Also, Davoud Baghervand Arshad in Germany published details of the things MEK has done against Americans and American interests, even while they were pretending to be on the side of America.

++ Massoud and Maryam Rajavi have become avid supporters of the uprising in Iraq – in fact the whole MEK system is backing the protests. Some comments joked about the fact that Massoud is dead and yet is still talking. Another said – ‘the MEK are excited that what they call “rebellion nucleuses” are using tuc tucs and claim this will topple the regime. Maryam, who used to stand on Saddam’s tanks, is now promoting the tuc tuc!’ Commentary says those who pay MEK to incite unrest in Iraq, obviously have no clue who they are paying. The Iraqis hate MEK more than anyone else ever. For them even the return of Saddamists would be better. If Iraqis don’t want the US or Iran to interfere, they certainly don’t want MEK to interfere.

++ MEK’s NCRI brand issued an official statement against Massoud Khodabandeh and Iran International TV. Khodabandeh was interviewed during the news segment for his opinion about the fake French tweets. He responded, “This news is not new. From last year the MEK was being curtailed and being sent to Albania. The two events that Maryam Rajavi was recently allowed in Brussels and Paris remind me of 1996 when she was being deported back to Iraq and she begged for two meetings in London and Paris in exchange for going quietly, which she did. The reasons why MEK is being curtailed are: 1. The JCPOA nuclear issue that France doesn’t want to collapse. Curtailing MEK is a good gesture to Iran; 2. France wants to mediate between US and Iran and MEK hinders that – MEK are tools of neocons who don’t want Iran to get close to Europe; 3. Most importantly, France received evidence that the alleged bomb plot against MEK’s Villepinte event in 2018 was a false flag op done by themselves to set up others and blame Iran. That’s why they were banned from holding the event in 2019. In response to Khodabandeh’s interview MEK being MEK are issuing statements saying that this TV channel is Saudi paid therefore it should work as Saddam did and should be totally in our hands and on our side.

In English:

++ Nejat Society has again published appeals by the families of MEK members trapped in the slave camp in Albania for help to free their loved ones.

++ Eldar Mamedov writing in Lobelog picked up the news of a fake Twitter account in the name of Alexis Kohler, chief of staff of President Macron of France. The account tweeted that Maryam Rajavi and MEK would be expelled from France and sent to Albania. It took a week for the fake account to be taken down. Mamedov says this could be because the news itself might not be fake. He reviews MEK’s history in France and its use by various political interests in their foreign relations with Iran. He concludes that although MEK shows remarkable resilience in the face of constant setbacks, this latest move to expel the group from Europe will definitely contribute to its decline.

++ Following MEK spokesman Ali Safavi’s spurious allegation that four former MEK members living in Albania are ‘agents of the Iranian regime’ who pose a terrorist threat, the Albanian media has woken up to its responsibilities. Several television channels have run interviews with the four formers, who describe their current civilian lives as enjoying the freedoms they were denied for decades while with MEK. They also talked about MEK’s terrorist past and the operations they were ordered to undertake, from killing civilians inside Iran to the massacre of Kurds just after the first Gulf War. The interviews have had an unsettling effect on their Albanian audiences, in particular when these former MEK describe how the organization is currently deceptively recruiting Albanian youth and urging Albanians to “look out for your children”.

++ The Organization of Iranian American Communities had two Twitter accounts suspended due to the involvement of MEK.

++ The BBC’s Linda Pressley and Albana Kasapi do an excellent job of impartial broadcasting as they invited several voices to talk about the MEK in Albania. From government officials, to MEK officials to former MEK members, everyone had a say. But like the media everywhere, the BBC is still reporting on MEK in the same ‘Creationists versus Evolutionists’ way; based on a false premise. When the media wake up to the fact that MEK is a cult and its members are modern slaves, then true reporting will begin.
 November 08, 2019

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