Nejat Families pen letter to the High Representative of EU for Foreign Affairs

To: Mr. JOSEP BORREL, The Esteemed High Representative of EU for Foreign Affairs

We, as family members of the captives held by the so called Mujahedin Organization, have for years been deprived from visiting our children or having contact with them due to the restrictive measures taken by Rajavi’s sect, in clear violation of human rights. In the period from 2009 to 2012 we made hard efforts until we arranged for being physically present alongside the notorious Ashraf & Liberty Camps, hoping to see our children. But to our misfortune, we unexpectedly faced the beastly and inhuman behaviour of the authorities of Rajavi’s Sect who did not fail to take any insulting measures even by throwing stones at us and called us with names of which only Massoud & Maryam Rajavi were deserving and our request for visiting our children was finally left without any response.

Your excellency,
The Sect authorities have even betrayed Iraqi people, after living in Iraq for almost 40 years and were involved in Massacre of thousands of Kurds in this country. The sect has a record of evil deeds like terrorizing and killing of 17000 civilians including so many women and children. They are no less evil than the ISIS; they are even more cruel, irrational and menacing. They explicitly and officially threaten both the family members insisting on visiting their children and former members who have officially abandoned the sect or those members who after passing 2 to 4 decades of their lives in this organization, decide to abandon it to have an ordinary and tranquil life. All these people have been threatened with death.
As the family members of the individuals now held in captive by the sect, we do not fear these threats.

Your excellency
Mujahedin is a sect who has brainwashed our children in a truly isolated environment far from modern world. Are the human rights organizations and institutions really unaware of this extent of human rights violation by the sect? We write this so that your excellency, as the high representative for foreign affairs in the European Union where human rights is considered attentively, to assist us. We are looking for the most basic right that a human must have. We are only seeking to visit our children and close relatives. We have so far been deprived of the right and are anxious about their health. All relatives and family members here are expectant and await the kind assistance of the highest representative of EU in foreign affairs and of the international communities. Any cooperation in this regard shall be appreciated in advance. We anxiously await your kind assistance.

With Best Regards
Relatives & Family Members of MEK Cult Captives

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