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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 271

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++ The petition addressed to Albanian PM Edi Rama has gathered over ten thousand signatures. In response, MEK have put all their Farsi efforts into swearing at Ebrahim Khodabandeh and the families. In response, some commentators have pointed out that MEK are becoming so wobbly that they are ‘vaccinating’ the members by making them write against their own families. In their writings the MEK claim those who began the petition are not really families of MEK members, they are agents of the Iranian regime, and their intention in coming to the camp is “to attack us with missiles”. Some people have commented, ‘Perhaps Albania can check at the airport that they have not brought missiles! Anyway, if anyone doesn’t believe they are related, they can do DNA tests!’

++ On the subject of this petition, Mansour Nazari in Paris wrote a short piece in Iran-Interlink, pointing out that: “It is interesting for me there are some ex members or ex supporters that when it comes to supporting the families, they distinguish between those who live in Iran and those who don’t, as though those who live in Iran don’t have the same human rights as others. They talk about their own families and criticise MEK, but when it comes to those families living in Iran they shut up. If you ask them, they justify it by saying they have a red line between them and the Iranian government.” Nazari expands, saying: “Whether you do this deliberately or not you are saying in effect that Rajavi is right. Rajavi says they are agents of the regime and you are saying the same thing. You are politicizing the plight of the families. This is what Rajavi wants to do. Therefore, I suggest you go away and think about this. If you really believe Rajavi is right, then go back to them. If you think Rajavi is not right, then why are you sacrificing the human rights of the families because of your views of the government of Iran?”

In English:

++ Most of the articles and commentary about the MEK in English concerns the tragic situation of the members in Albania. The petition raised by families of these enslaved individuals has collected over ten thousand signatures. Prime Minister Edi Rama is yet to respond. An article by Massoud Khodabandeh titled ‘MEK cult in Albania poses public health risk’ published by Responsible Statecraft gives context to the families concerns. With the MEK unaccountable and unchecked in Albania according to investigative journalist Gjergji Thanasi, nobody knows whether the cult members are protected from coronavirus, or infected. Albanian historian Olsi Jazexhi interviewed Anne Khodabandeh to discuss the issue. Any way it is looked at, there are so many questions that haven’t been answered by MEK or by Rama.

May 08, 2020

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