Olsi Jazexhi responds to Maryam Rajavi & Gholamali Narimi‘s offer to abandon Mullahs for Skanderbeg

In the following video Dr. Olsi Jazexhi responds to an attack that Gholamali Narimi and the Iranian Mojaheden (MEK) command have made against him in one of their websites.

Olsi who investigates the MEK in Albania, its criminal and illegal activities; like human enslavement, radicalization, calls for doing jihad against a foreign country, etc. has become a major target of MEK attacks, lies and propaganda. While the Iranian ex-terrorist foreign fighters have not been able to assassinate him so far, they have launched many character assassination articles and letters against him. In their latest attack they appeal to Olsi to stop his critique against MEK and align himself with”glories of Albania”- meaning with MEK war against Iran.

MEK is upset with Olsi because on Jul 10, 2020 he has interviewed the brother of Gholamali Narimi, Mr. Hamid Reza Narimi and his wife Mrs. Sager. These family members of Gholamali appeal to the MEK soldier to abandon jihad and terrorism and come back home.

However, the appeal against jihad and terrorism is considered a psychological torture by the MEK command which does not want its soldier to abandon war and return back home. For this reason they attack Dr. Olsi Jazexhi and make him a collaborator with the Mullahs (Priests of Islam) who rule Iran.

Olsi responds to these jihadi attacks and lies with facts and invites them for a public debate. He appeals to the MEK to abandon war, terrorism and lies and embrace democracy and freedom of speech. Here is the latest attack against Olsi Jazexhi: Inviting Olsi Jazexhi to align himself with glories of Albania, not Mullahs in Iran


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