Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 277

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest

++ This week MEK announced the death of Saideh Shahrokhi of COVID-19 in Albania. Although aged over 60 years, the photograph used was from three decades ago. Every week a few members are dying and commentators who knew them express their condolences. But Saideh – along with her sisters Sedigheh and Hamideh – was one of the most hated people in MEK. She was notorious for the nasty treatment of members, including beating and swearing and issuing punishments. In her case, commentators have been pouring out their feelings of hatred and disgust and saying good riddance to her. Saideh was the wife of Abol Ghassem Rezai (aka Mohsen) who separated due to the forced divorces. Famously in a meeting she defended the divorces saying, ‘we got divorced, but soon we will rescue Iran and everyone there will get divorced, and then we will spread throughout the whole world and the whole world will get divorced, and you men who don’t want to get divorced will have nobody to marry anyway.’

++ Coronavirus has infected the whole of Camp Ashraf 3 – everyone has it. Instead of using quarantine to control the spread, Maryam Rajavi and a few of her inner circle quarantined themselves to keep safe. She and the few members who don’t have the virus are quarantined and have limited contact with a few safe layers outside. She and they are tested, but not the others. It is said she has paid for vaccine for herself and a few others and left the rest of the organisation to die. Rajavi likens the survival of the MEK to the survival of bees who depend on the survival of the queen, not the drones.

++ The 3rd January marked the anniversary of the assassination general Qassem Soleimani. As expected, the MEK have published things against him and broadcast an audio of Massoud Rajavi swearing at him. Zahra Moini from Germany has published a note which demonstrates that the audio is a hashed up edited version of Rajavi’s old voice. Whether he is alive or not these are not genuine audios. The irony is that MEK are publishing these rants on one side, and then editing their sites to remove everything that was in support of Trump. Commentators point out that it is not only MEK, all the other Iranians who were paid by Pompeo and the Neocons are now panicking – Biden might not pay them.

++ Gholamali Mirzai managed to return to his son and wife in Iran after three decades. He had been a POW in Iraq and managed to escape the MEK after he came to Albania. Mirzai gave interviews to the BBC, Al Jazeera, The New York Times and others, explaining how the POWs were handed over from Saddam to Rajavi and forced to work against their country. Ironically the MEK tried to whitewash his return by claiming that he was with them in Albania willingly and the moment he contacted his son and wife, he collapsed and became an agent of the regime. Stupidly however, after he escaped the camp but before he returned to Iran, they were already claiming he had been an agent of the regime when he was in Iraq. MEK have been doing a lot of work with the Albanian authorities to stop him leaving the country – preventing him getting documentation. With the help of the ICRC and UNHCR Mirzai persisted to force the Albanian government to give him papers, which they finally did.

++ Suddenly the MEK sites and TV are full of fundraising appeals. How come MEK suddenly decided they want to collect money? Apparently millions are coming in from every direction! Commentators have pointed out that this signals getting paid by Saudi Arabia. The money laundry machine has started up again.

In English:

++ Nejat Society has published several articles describing the situation of the children of MEK members who suffered various abuses. In 1990 the Rajavis separated children from their parents who had already been forced to divorce the previous year. The children were dispersed, mostly to supporters of MEK living in Europe and North America. The ‘fortunate’ ones never had contact with their parents again. The ‘unfortunate’ ones were returned to Iraq as teenagers and trapped there as soldiers. Several ‘committed suicide’ (aka MEK murdered them) due to their dissent.

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