Tragedy of MEK-Born children

In the history of political groups, one can hardly ever find a group like the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) in which the fate of so many children is involved. However, children have always been victims of the destructive cults. Some destructive cults have created horrible tragedies with child labor, early marriages and mass suicide of children. The MEK was found in the path of destructive cults since four decades ago. The group has mentally or physically abused a large number of children and in several cases it has led them to death.

Mujahedin Khalq members’ children

In 1991, the MEK separated seven hundred children from their Mujahed parents in Camp Ashraf and sent them to European countries or the United States leaving them orphans in the new societies. A few years later, the group brought back some three hundred of then teenagers to Camp Ashraf Iraq. Most of them are still taken as hostages in the Cult of Rajavi and a number of them were killed in the group. Those who stayed out or managed to leave the group have not been allowed to visits their parents for many years. The story of some of these children are available in the following links:

– Asieh Rakhshani

Amir Shams Haeri

Maryam Gheitani

Azar Ghorab

Amir Vafa Yaghmai

Yaser Ezati

Hanif Bali

Adeleh Khabazian

Homa Khodabandeh

Farhad Rabiee

Alan Mohammadi

Saeed Khoshhal

Marjan Akbarian

Yaser Akbarinasab

Fatemeh Akbarinasab

Mahtab Nayeb Agha

Fereshteh Khalili

Babak Shajari

Amin Golmaryami

Siavash Nezamolmolki

Hanif Azizi

Reza Gooran

Saeed and Mohammad Akhavan Hashemi

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