Discredited MKO and British Servicemen’s Human Rights

It seems that the announcement of Iran’s achievement in producing nuclear fuel has had deep impact on political atmosphere surrounding the nuclear issue.

Amazingly, the biggest impact appeared in sudden change in MKO’s warnings on Iranian nuclear threat, which turned to the issue of human rights and its violation by Iran during Iran’s detainment of British sailors.

Remnants of Rajavi shocked by the Iranians’ move (to free sailors) try to start psychological war around the issue in order to cover their failure.

These gestures by the cult come at a time when Abbas Dawari, a member of MKO’s Gestapo, refused to use "Persian Gulf" in his interview with Al-Watan newspaper.

In a nai’ve effort, remnants of Rajavi, who are seeking revenge on HRW (for exposing MKO’s abuses) and try to criticize Europeans for not accepting the ruling of the "court of first instance", exaggerate the issue of British sailor’s detention and its humanitarian affairs. However, they don’t care about other dimension of the issue; for instance, they ignore Sky News’s report on espionage mission of sailors in the Iranian waters.

On the other hand, it seems that discredited gang of Rajavi is trying to use this issue to extend it to its own affairs and convince the public opinion that revelations by its arrested members are made under force and pressure.

This tactic is also condemned to failure and humiliation for the group. British officials are well aware that British sailors’ confessions were not made by force but by the fact that they had really violated border rules.

However, sudden change in MKO’s tactics- from nuclear issue to humanitarian affairs- reveals hysteric policies of the cult that now denies its own claims!

This behavior by the cult shows that Iranian achievement at this time can change political equations and restrict MKO’s maneuvers and strip them of their gifts for Zionist lobby. Therefore, they have forgotten the nuclear issue and cry for British sailors.

Irandidban –  2007/04/15

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