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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 280

Dead Rajavi Raving Mad

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++ Iran is holding a court hearing to look into complaints filed by a group of 42 former MEK members from around the world. Because of this, MEK has panicked and issued a statement from Massod Rajavi which has backfired badly. The statement, or rather rant, starts with by challenging Khamenei, Rouhani and Raisi; “I invite you, if you dare, to attend an international court case with me”. Many Farsi commentators say ‘What court case? Rajavi has forgotten he is either dead or at least has gone missing for two decades!’ Straight after that Rajavi rants “we will kill you all, we will hang all the mullahs, we will come to Iran”. These are the same things he said when he was backed by Saddam, as if he is backed in the same way now. In the third part Rajavi, as usual, attacks the ex-members for exposing his crimes, repeating the same thing as he has for the last forty years; “you are worse than the enemy because you betrayed me. We will kill you first, before the mullahs, etc”. Massoud Khodabandeh Tweeted that it is unusual for a person to go mad after they have died!

تنها موردی است که من سراغ دارم فردی دو دهه بعد از مرگش به سرش بزند و نیازمند دارالمجانین بشود. جماعت رجوی است دیگر، چه میشود کرد، عذرشان موجه است. 🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/5lLgi7csvF

— Massoud khodabandeh (@ma_khodabandeh) March 9, 2021

++ To mark International Women’s Day, several female ex-MEK members wrote about their memories and experiences in the MEK. In another realm, in a spectacular display of utter contempt for Iranian people, this year VOA Persian vastly outdid the Saudi-run Iran International TV, and broadcast part of Maryam Rajavi’s message for Women’s Day. This prompted a lot of criticism from inside America. ‘We thought now Biden has come, he can’t do worse than Trump. We were wrong.’ VOA is paid for by taxpayers and controlled by the State Department. American commentators say this should be investigated. How did Maryam Rajavi end up on this channel? Other Iranians comment ‘VOA didn’t promote Maryam Rajavi, it just put America in its actual place’.

++ Every year for Chahar Shanbe Suri Rajavi spits into the wind telling the Iranian people (who actually live in Iran), ‘the regime will fall, come out and fight’. And every year nothing happens. Rajavi is banking on the fact that people use fireworks to celebrate. But her declarations simply illustrate what a blunt tool MEK is for foreign powers that she is shouting about this again.

In English:

++ Concern about the disappearance of former MEK member Hadi Sani Khani has dominated the English speaking news and commentary. Khani made the mistake of trusting the MEK to keep their word when throughout its history the cult has shown time and time again that it knows no moral, legal or rational bounds. After trafficking Khani to Paris from Tirana, he disappeared. Friends and family of Khani have demanded a police investigation into his case in France. Albanian historian and activist Olsi Jazexhi pointed out that Khani was trained in terrorism while with MEK and his presence in the EU should be a concern. Subsequently, he reported that two European security agencies are in Albania collecting evidence and have questioned Maryam Rajavi.

March 12, 2021

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