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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 284

Rajavi Latest Disappearing Act

++ MEK published something in the name of Hadi Sani Khani in the Iran Efshahgah site – one of tens of sites dedicated to swearing at critics – which revealed their true face. Hadi apparently says he has not been transferred to France: ‘It is all a lie I have not been kidnapped. You are all agents of the regime’. Some people reacted by pointing out that Hadi is not well educated and yet this piece is written by someone fairly literate, so this writing doesn’t match with it being him. Secondly, if it is him, where is he? Alireza Nasrollahi from France wrote a note asking ‘what kind of organization is this? The head is missing for two decades, their defector is suddenly missing but claims on a website that he hasn’t been kidnapped. The organisation has become websites rather than real people’. Atefeh Nadalian in Tehran wrote an analysis of the situation. Nadalian looks at what Hadi said previously when he had left MEK and was warning that this kind of activity goes on – kidnapping etc. And now MEK putting this on their site exactly proves that Hadi was right and that they have kidnapped him. Nadalian compares what the MEK actually do with what they say. ‘If you exempt those inside the camp who can’t complain, when you look at these actions everybody outside the camp can see they are spitting into the wind. The only conclusion is that this is for internal consumption.’

++ Several people reacted to the news that Iran and the Saudis have started talking in Iraq. Edvard Theramdor from Germany says after indirect Iran US talks took place in Vienna and Iran Saudi talks took place in Iraq, the only place left for the MEK to hide is Tel Aviv. Their only hope is that Iran won’t talk to anyone in Israel. Thermador emphasises “it is not me saying this, this is being said by my friends inside MEK. It has become a joke for them; ‘this is the end of us!’.”

++ Ghafour Fatahian in Paris has written a note on the surfacing of Maryam Rajavi in France and her vanishing again. Fatahian says we have been clearly informed in France that Rajavi was given a few days limited visa on a piece of paper issued in Albania by the government there. All the time she was under observation, not allowed to come out of her compound or travel to anywhere else in the EU. She managed to make five international conference call videos in three days, and attend a ceremony at the graveside of Behzad Moezi (whose family denounced Maryam Rajavi for desecrating his memory). Looking at MEK coverage, the phrase ‘Maryam Rajavi’s residence in France’ is used over and over again in an effort to say ‘I have not been deported’. Which only has a backlash because everyone can now see that she has been deported. By overdoing it they have proved the truth.

In English:

++ Mazda Parsi of Nejat Society asks what happened to Massoud Rajavi’s generation of MEK members. These are the people who joined MEK before the 1979 revolution, up to 1985 when recruitment methods changed. According to Parsi the key to unlocking the answer can be found in evidence of the cultic abuse suffered by these long-term victims. Writers, including Anne Singleton, Elizabeth Rubin in the New York Times magazine along with the personal testimonies of former members. The piece concludes that eventually all the members will wake up and escape the brainwashing.

++ Nusantaranews of Indonesia published a piece about the JCPOA talks and the attempts to sabotage them. The piece reviewed various Israeli attacks – Natanz, Mohsen Fakhirazadeh – pointing out the irony of that country refusing to disclose its own nuclear program. In America, the Israeli and anti-Iran lobbyists are fully active. The MEK are also mentioned as a ‘terrorist organization [which] strongly opposes US-Iran diplomacy’. The piece concludes that if Iran is goaded into revenge, this pressure could drag the US into a war it cannot necessarily win.

++ Tasmin News published part 7 of a review by Abbas Salimi Namin of a book by Ronen Bergman titled ‘The Secret War With Iran’. Bergman is a committed Zionist. Namin is Director of the Iran History Studies and Compilation Bureau. In this review, Namin seeks to correct errors in Bergman’s book, particularly in respect to the relation of Ayatollah Khomeini to opposition groups at the time of the 1979 Revolution.


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