Nasrin was killed by the MEK top commander

Nasrin Ahmadi was in her early twenties when she joined the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) in 1992. She did not survive the group’s regulations so long. She was killed only three years later.

Khalil RamezaniNasab, a former member of the MEK recalls Nasrin as a young girl (age 25) driving BMP tank in Camp Ashraf. “Soon after her arrival in Ashraf, she was fed up with the undemocratic atmosphere of the group”, Khalil says about Nasrin. “She was disappointed with the maltreatment of commanders against the rank and file. So, she started dissent; she wanted to leave the group.”

Nasrin Ahmadi

As it is expected in any destructive cult, departure from the cult of Rajavi was forbidden. Mahvash Sepehri the top commander of Nasrin called on eight of her sub-commanders including Khalil RamezaniNasab to work on Nasrin in order to convince her to stay in the group. “Mahvash Sepehri ordered to hold a meeting for Nasrin,” Khalil recalls. “Mahvash and other commanders tried to dissuade her from leaving the group. The meetings lasted eight hours. Nasrin was determined to leave the group. She said that she was not willing to stay any more and she wanted to leave the group as soon as possible.”

Nasrin Ahmadi

That was Nasrin’s last word. Khalil witnessed that Mahvash Sepehri got extremely angry and began to beat Nasrin with a metal stick. Khalil says, “I was terribly frightened by watching the scene. I was shocked and speechless looking at the dead body of the girl.”

Mahvash Sepehri

Mahvash orders the men to take the Nasrin’s body out. “Two hours later, Mahvash Sepehri called on us again,” Khalil recounts. “Nasrin died because of a brain stroke!” She told us and warned that nobody should speak about how Nasrin really died.”

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