Who Are Mujahedin-e-Khalq Terrorist Cult?

Who are Mek? Terrorists, cultists – or champions of Iranian democracy? The wild wild story of the MEK. An inside report by High ranking member of Mek and NCRI.

Who are Mek?

So much has been said and written about Mek terrorist cult by almost every serious media concerned with terrorism, but not a report from inside Mek by a high-ranking member of Mek and NCRI.

The uniqueness of this report based is on the fact that all the information given are driven from Mek’s own printed material in its official paper Jihadist (Mujahed) published by Mek which mostly are written by their Calipha “Masoud Rajavi”.

In this presentation I will shed light to Mek terrorists and Masoud Rajavi its Calipha and his head wife in his Harem.

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Some headlines of the presentation:

An inside report for the first time by an ex-high-ranking member of Mek and NCRI based on the Mek’s own publications and …
Who assassinated the Americans in Tehran?
Mek and Spying for Russia
Did CIA destroy Mek-Russia spy net?
How Mek retaliated?
Seizure of US Embassy in Tehran?
Mek’s Islamist Revolutionary Courts
Mek and the Children in the Combat
Mek and Saddam Hossein of Iraq and Saudi Arabia
Mek as Assassinators
Who is the head wife in Mek Leader’s Harem?
Have they changed?
How Maryam Rajavi deceives the western world?
How Mek terrorism differs to ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorism?
Why Mek is more dangerous?
Use of 10-year-old children in combat by Mek.
Who are the wives of the harem of the Caliph of the Mek?
Mek’s planed courts and justice for their Islamic State describe by its Calipha.
How the world can protect itself against terrorism?
Assassination of Americans, hostage taking in US Embassy in Tehran

Mr. Arshad that lives in Germany can be reached at the email below for any questions.


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