Mujahedin-e Khalq cult and systematic self-harm

The Mujahedin clearly and explicitly allow themselves to use any violence to achieve their goals. This violent means can terrorize American military personnel one day and the other day it can assassinate the critic and dissident Majid Sharif Vaqefi, one day it can explode the office of Iraqi Intelligence service and the other day it can order the members to set themselves on fire in the streets.

Prior to their capture in 2003, all MEK members carried cyanide tablets in leather pouches tied around their necks. MEK assassins were instructed to swallow the cyanide if captured during a mission. Masoud Rajavi reputedly has called all MEK members “living martyrs,”

“As soon as the teams were selected and arranged, the members would be lodged in isolation totally cut off from other members and received no more organizational information. In fact, they had no more contact with others and reached a zero point of no updated information. Second, they would form a new profile just like ordinary people with grown beards. There were other physical, medical and psychological tests as well as recurrently going through the details of their operation and practiced them. And then, they came to the stage of going over the methods of committing suicide; how to break and swallow cyanide capsules, use hand-grenades or guns.”, Batul soltani says on suicide operation of MEK members.
Members of the group who express objections towards the leaders, will be physically and mentally tortured. If their resistance exists, they would be removed and nothing but death awaits them. They would be inevitably forced to commit suicide in some cases. Speaking at a press conference at the Iraqi Defense Ministry in Baghdad, former MKO member Maryam Sanjabi said, “When I was appointed as a senior member of the MKO leadership council, I was told that I could never leave the organization. Otherwise, I had to kill myself by taking a cyanide pill.”

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