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Mother of MEK member: The appeal to ICJ court warms my heart

Mehrangiz Rezai is an elderly mother of one of the victims of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi). She has not seen her son for over 35 years.

Ali Fatehi, Mehrangiz’s son was a soldier in Iran-Iraq war when in 1988 he was taken as a war prisoner by Iraqi forces. He was then recruited by the MEK and since then he has not been allowed to contact his family.
Mehrangiz attended the on-line conference held by Nejat Society last month. She addressed the audience expressing her support for the appeal made by 42 ex-members of the MEK that was submitted to the international court of the Hague.

Ali Fatehi Mum

Mehrangiz Rezai ; Mother of Ali Fatehi – MEK hostage at Camp Ashraf 3 in Albania

“I pray for the success of their appeal in the court,” she said. “This warms my heart and gives me hope for the release of my son from the Cult of Rajavi. At least, I will be able to have my son in the few days left of my life.”
Appreciating the efforts of the organizers of the conference, Mehrangiz Rezai considered it an occasion for families of MEK hostages to open up to each other about their sufferings and offer sympathy to each other.

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