MEK leaders prosecution; ex-member demands

Mr. Karim Khan
Distinguished Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Greetings and regards,
I sincerely thank and appreciate your attention to the complaints of the victims of the leaders of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult) inside and outside the country.
I respectfully convey to you that I, Ali Moradi, son of Nourmorad, was subjected to the most severe mental and even medieval physical torture and exploitation within the MEK for more than 15 years, from 1989 to 2004. I was forced to work hard and exhausting, some of which I will mention in the following:

From the moment I joined the organization, very few hours were allocated for sleep and rest, and the rest of the hours were either hard work or brainwashing sessions and stress. In most mind control destructive cults, members are prevented from getting enough sleep so that they cannot think well and therefore brainwashing methods are effective.
Intensive programs of forced labor, relocation and unreasonable carrying of heavy loads, improper cleaning of the yard and other unnecessary work were performed only to exhaust the body of people so that no one could think about their situation and show feelings for their family.
I was deprived of any telephone or correspondence with my family for 15 years, and despite repeated requests, I was never allowed to contact my family.

Before joining the MEK, I was married and my wife resided inside the country, who suffered greatly from being away from me during these years. I repeatedly asked to contact my wife, but the organization forced me to divorce her. After I left the MEK and returned to Iran I found out that my wife had divorced me due to the cult’s message to her. she was remarried, which caused me a great deal of emotional trauma at that time.
I have also suffered back injuries due to the use of physical exploitation and being forced to work hard, and I am currently suffering from severe back discomfort.

In 1995, while traveling from one area to another in Iraq, where I was one of the passengers, I suddenly heard gunshots and I was shot in the knee. I am suffering from a bullet and I am not able to walk in a balanced way, and during the investigation of the incident, I realized that the bullet hit me in the knee was shot by a member of the MEK, who is currently one of their members.
The above cases have been just a small part of my mental and physical sufferings and tortures in the organization of the MEK, so I request that the crimes of the MEK against the members be investigated immediately.

Ali Moradi

Ali Moradi; the MEK ex-member

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