Asghar Rezaei Mehrabadi’s letter to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Dear Mr. Karim Khan
Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

I am Abolqasem Rezaei Mehrabadi, a former member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult) and one of the plaintiffs against the leaders of this organization.
I was a soldier who was captured by the MEK forces during the Iran-Iraq war. I spent about seven years of my life in the captivity of this organization. There were many people like me who were captured by the MEK during the war. We were expected to be treated according to the Geneva Convention and the rules of the International Committee of the Red Cross, but this was never the case.

During the few years that I was in the captivity of the MEK, I endured all kinds of psychological and even physical pressures along with heavy and exhausting forced labor, which still does not leave me in the form of nightmares after many years.

During this time of captivity, our bodies as well as our minds were captive. The organization always put us under the most intense brainwashing and mind control processes by holding numerous psychological sessions.
We had to work from the first hours of the day until late at night, which was part of our daily routine. After that, in a state of extreme fatigue, we had to attend confessions and self-criticism sessions and psychological pressures.

All around the headquarters of the MEK, they surrounded the embankment with barbed wire. Camp Ashraf was surrounded by high fences, and the tops of the fences were closed not to the outside but to the inside with barbed wire so that no one could escape from inside. The guards were even ordered to arrest anyone who approached the fence from inside, and to shoot if he did not pay attention. We were a number of friends who were captured together, but even though we were in the same camp, we were never allowed to meet.

For the entire seven years that I was in captivity, my family was completely unaware of my condition and had no knowledge of my fate. Regulations imposed at Camp Ashraf are not enforced anywhere else in the world, not even in the most dreadful prisons. Having any contact with our families were forbidden. Even requesting for contact had dire consequences.
Married members were forced to divorce, and many children were separated from their parents and sent to European and American countries, the fate of some of whom is unknown.

Mr. Karim Khan,
These few lines do not describe all the hardships and sufferings I endured. Please consider these cases in the investigation of the crimes of the leaders of the MEK so that it leads to a fair result and the facts become clear to everyone.

Thank you for your attention
Asghar Rezaei Mehrabadi
Surviving member of the Rajavi Cult

Asghar Rezaei Mehrabadi; the MEK former member

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