Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 303

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest

++ In Albania, the Iranian-Albanian aid association ASILA was legally registered in response to the issue of ID cards to non-Albanian residents. This was followed by news of several high-ranking individuals leaving MEK this week. On the surface the MEK have been silent, but news has emerged that behind the scenes they are vigorously trying to recruit lawyers and others to help. They are also trying to find ex-members who are vulnerable and need money, to counter this association.

In a Facebook post, Hassan Heyrani says: “We know clearly that they [ex-members] are being approached by MEK with large amounts of cash to get together with the lawyers and others to discredit our Association. We warn Maryam Rajavi that this is not Iraq, and your organisation MEK, which is legally non-existent in Albania, trying to work against a registered organisation for helping Iranians will not turn out well for you. We will take you to court and expose you.”

In reaction, Maryam Rajavi has found someone among the 348 Senators to hire a room in the French Senate for propaganda purposes. A few people are sent to attend and watch a link to Maryam Rajavi speaking from Albania where she was deported to. In English, French, Arabic, etc the MEK advertise that Maryam Rajavi sent a message to this group. On the face of it, the meeting is about the JCPOA talks and is anti-Raisi. But in reality, what she has done in Farsi is advertised it as though she is actually in the meeting in France. Since she doesn’t have an audience in Iran and her only Farsi audience is MEK members, the only conclusion we can draw is that she is reacting to the loss of members because of the ID cards and wants to show to the members that she can still travel to France. What we call in English a big fat lie!

++ Mehdi Khoshhal in Germany wrote an article titled ‘The Phase of Court Cases’. He explains that MEK started with an armed anti-imperialist phase because their political predecessors were not radical enough. After the Revolution they started the political phase. Then after falling out with the new Khomeini regime went into military phase followed by a terrorism phase. That collapsed so they were reduced to a ‘cutting the fingertips of the regime’ phase. They moved on to a phase of eliminating all opposition outside Iran to leave them the only opposition group in case of regime change. The phase of everyone going to Iraq and the National Liberation Army phase faded when they lost half the forces in the Eternal Light operation. They then entered yet another ‘Internal Revolution’ phase (about 3 or 4 had already passed); this one added divorce and giving up children, giving up individuality and dreams etc. Then they came back to the phase of political lobbying, involving McCain, Bolton, Giuliani, etc. Between this, of course, they had a phase of self-immolation in Paris. Now MEK has arrived at the phase of court cases. Specifically, against an Iranian diplomat in Belgium and another against a former official in Sweden – which because of MEK has been moved to Albania where the knackered old people with Zimmer fames try to go and explain why they were not executed back in Iran and have now ended up in Albania. Khoshhal concludes that none of these phases are about what they are stated to be – not about Iran or regime change or human rights. This Swedish court phase is not about justice. It is obvious to all who know the MEK it is all about Rajavi. “All through the years I have seen these phases, they have been to support Rajavi against the ex-members. That is the fight, no one else is involved. I write this to promise that this court case will end, and this phase will end, but Rajavi will use it against ex-members not against Iran. Then use it inside the camp to say, ‘if you leave you will end up like them’.”

In English:

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest Mojahedin Khalq MEK NCRI Rajavi cult++ Following on from the interview with a former MEK child soldier in Germany by Luisa Hommerich, Mazda Parsi of Nejat Society has written about the memories of Zahra Moini – former MEK member and former ‘babysitter’ for the children who arrived in Germany during the First Gulf War. The treatment of these vulnerable children that she describes is harrowing. The cynical and brutal exploitation of them for financial gain and free labour is shocking, but not new. Others have written similar detailed accounts. A huge number of children, particularly girls, became victims of the Rajavi Cult in different ways.

++ Habilian Association in Iran has re-published some reporting from Germany about the MEK as a terrorist entity. One is titled ‘Rajavi’s Red Army’. Habilian writes: “Despite the publication of numerous reports by various intelligence services in Germany, why this intelligence nucleus is still present and active in this country still remains to be seen. After the disbanding of the Red Army Faction terrorist group, which had brought insecurity and violence for Germans for about two decades, the question is, what the Rajavi terrorist and leftist cult is doing in Germany? Terrorists are a time bomb wherever they are.”

Nov 26, 2021

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