Israel Using Mojahedin Khalq From Albania

MEK was not embraced but imposed on Albania in 2016

Olsi Jazexhi: West, Israel Using MKO to Counter Political Islam

Olsi Jazexhi, Albanian historian and journalist, says Zionists in Israel, the US and UK are supporting Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as MEK, PMOI or NCRI) terrorist group to destroy Islam and Iran.

Speaking in an interview with FNA, Jazexhi said, “MKO is an Islamophobic and terrorist cult like ISIS, Al-Qaeda or Jahbat al Nusra… These cults denounce political Islam, the struggle for decolonization of Muslims, demand for the separation of religion from politics, ask for the secularization of Muslim societies and want to violently de-Islamize the Muslim world… MKO is the best terrorist and radical organization which can do such a horrible crime.”

Olsi Jazexhi, PhD, is a Canadian-Albanian university lecturer and historian who is specialized in the history of Islam, nationalism and religious reformation in Southeastern Europe.

Canadian-Albanian university lecturer and historian; Olsi Jazexhi

Below is the full text of the interview:

Q: We know Albania, like most of the Balkans, was historically anti-Israel, and rather pro-Palestine. Why do we see policy shift in Albania in the last two decades?

A: The reason why most Balkan countries were supporting the Palestinian issue and not Israel is very complex. The most important reasons were Ottomans and Socialism. Before World War I Palestine belonged to the Ottoman Empire. The British had not yet invented Israel and the activities of the Zionists to occupy the Holy Land were denounced by peoples of the Balkans. Palestine with Jerusalem were considered holy places by Christians and Muslims who used to go to Jerusalem for pilgrimage. 120 years ago – the idea that one day the British will invent a state called Israel and only for the Jews, was unimaginable.

After the Second World War most of the Balkan countries joined the Socialist Block headed by the Soviet Union. Having fought and won over Nazi Germany, the communist governments of Southeastern Europe could not support the newly invented apartheid state of Israel. For the communist/socialist governments and peoples of the Balkans Israel was perceived as racist and aggressor state and supporting it was morally unacceptable.

The war of liberation that Palestinians were making against Israel, reminded the people of Southeastern Europe to the war that they made against the Nazi occupation. Communism came to the Balkans as a liberation ideology. A major theme of the Marxist ideology was the national liberation of the oppressed people. The struggle for independence of the Palestinians was seen through Lenin’s advocacy of anti-imperialism and self-determination of all peoples who were suffering under the colonial rule in Asia and Africa.

During the era of socialism the Palestinian struggle was not seen as a fight between the Israeli theocratic regime and Muslim Palestinians, but as a struggle between a native colonized population and Israel which was depicted as a tool of Western imperialism against the Arab world.

However, after the defeat of communism and triumph of Western imperialism, most Balkan countries have been forced by the Americans to abandon the plight of the Palestinians and follow the Evangelical/Zionist religious dictate which does not allow the people of our planet to even question the crimes that Israel commits against the Palestinians.

After the fall of communism, Albania lost its independence and became an American colony. Albania today is like Iran in the time of Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh or like Hungary under Soviet rule. No politician or political party, which does not obey the US Embassy dictates in Tirana can survive and enter the parliament. Albanian politicians, like our president Ilir Meta today, know very well that if they do not obey American dictates they might end like Imre Nagy in Hungary, Mosaddegh in Iran or Salvador Allende in Chile.

Unlike Iran where since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 the people of Iran have won independence and enjoy a free national democratic system, where foreign powers are not allowed to interfere in local elections, in Albania people are not free. The US Embassy in Tirana which behaves like an occupying power controls the whole political establishment of the country. It vets every politician who wants to enter in the parliament, every businessman who wants to invest in the country, every minister and even every Mullah for what they preach inside their mosques. People like Abdolnaser Hemmati, Amir-Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi, Mohsen Rezaee or President Ebrahim Raisi, if they were to run for elections in Albania, they would have not been allowed by the US Embassy to enter into politics. They would have been jailed since they believe in political Islam. The US Embassy of Tirana is not as tolerant as the Guardian Council of Iran which vets your politicians. While the Guardian Council vets Iranian politicians for their loyalty to Islam and the nation, the US Embassy in Tirana vets our politicians for their Islamophobia, disloyalty to the country and obedience to the American agenda. A condition to be elected as a parliamentarian in Albania is total obedience to American dictates. You have to say yes to their LGBT, pro-Israel, imperialist, anti-religious agenda if you want to enter into politics and became an important player of our society. These facts can be read in the Wikileaks section of Albania.

While Islam is the dominant religion of Albania, it is not allowed to play any role in our society. Americans and Israelis consider Islam a dangerous ideology. In Albania and Kosovo we have mullahs and believers who have been jailed for their Islamic political convictions. Political parties like Levizja Islame Bashkohu (the Islamic United Movement) in Kosovo have been closed and its activists and leaders jailed. American officials consider Islam a hostile ideology, since Islam does not accept the Zionist occupation of Jerusalem–al-Quds, rejects the international interest base monetary system, colonialism, imperialism, the LGBT agenda, etc.

However, while Islam is considered a “dangerous ideology”, we have many Evangelical Christians and priests who serve as deputies in the parliament, city mayors, ministers, TV presenters, etc. Their theological religious identity is promoted and appreciated by the Americans even though the Evangelicals are less than 1% of our total population. While they are promoted, if you are a believer of Islam, a Muslim cleric, etc. you are not allowed to work in state institutions, army and enter into politics. You are investigated by counterterrorism police as a potential terrorist, you are not allowed to create a Muslim political party and you cannot even post such ideas in your mosque or in Facebook. If you speak about political Islam, the rights of the Muslims, the plight of the Palestinians, etc. you will be immediately banned.

The Muslim majority of Albania but even in Kosovo live in apartheid like regimes. Islam is not allowed to have its say in the country.

Q: Why is Albania hosting MKO? Is hosting a terrorist group in the national interest of the country?

A: Albania is hosting the MKO on orders by the Americans. Israel is very happy with Albania hosting the MKO since it is one of the major enemies of Iran, Islam and Palestine. If you read the Israeli media, its think-tank organizations and politicians you will see that most of them support and sympathize the MKO. Maryam Rajavi and her fighters are staunch enemies of Islam, the Vilayat al Faqih and their dream is to remove Islam from Iran and the Middle East and massacre the Muslim clergy. The MKO hatred and policies against Islam in Iran are similar to those that the Soviets did in Central Asia.

The Israeli lobby, Zionist American and British politicians perceive the MKO and its totalitarian ideology as the extremist “Bolsheviks” that are needed to destroy political Islam once and for all in Iran and in the Middle East. People like John Bolton, Mark D. Wallace, Joseph Lieberman, Frances Townsend, Giulio Terzi who want regime change in Turkey and in Iran have a common thing in mind: the Muslim World should not be allowed to have Islamic political parties in power. That is why the West supports MKO against Iran and the Gulen movement against Turkey. Both these cults denounce political Islam, the struggle for decolonization of Muslims, demand for the separation of religion from politics, ask for the secularization of Muslim societies and want to violently de-Islamize the Muslim world. Western Zionists want to kill Islam like they did with Catholicism and the MKO is the best terrorist and radical organization which can do such a horrible crime.

For as long as Muslims practice political Islam, the theocratic regime of Israel will have problems to find a ‘final solution’ for Masjid al-Aqsa and its Palestinian population.

Q: How does MKO recruit Albanians?

A: MKO runs a paramilitary camp in Albania. It has a huge spy network and uses Albania as a base to attack Iran and political Islam. With American support it has turned Albania into a no-go zone for Iranians. Many Iranians who travel to Europe via Albania are arrested and jailed – since MKO claims that any Iranian who enters Albania – without the approval of Maryam Rajavi – is an Iranian spy.

MKO spends millions of dollars in propaganda. It hosts conferences to promote its image as a “democratic” and anti-Islamic movement that will finish once and for all Islam and the clergy in Iran. It sponsors many newspapers and portals in Albania and has a multi-million-dollar budget through which it pays politicians in USA and Europe to demonize Iran. Its major job for the time being is to incite Europeans and Americans to go to war with Iran and turn Iran into a second Libya, Syria or Iraq.

MKO is an Islamophobic and terrorist cult like ISIS, Al-Qaeda or Jahbat al Nusra. If you read and listen to the speeches of Maryam Rajavi you can understand that MKO’s dream is to destroy Islam in Iran, execute the clergy and turn Iran into an American–Israeli colony like Bahrain or Saudi Arabia. In the latest conference that Rajavi held from Albania – she and her American supporters revealed their plans to divide Iran into different states. They want to create a state for the Kurds, Azeris, Baluchis and other ethnic groups and divide Iran like Libya, Syria or Iraq.

Thanks to the American-Israeli-Saudi support, MKO like ISIS and Nusra in 2011–2013 has managed to recruit and radicalize many Albanians in its cause. Like ISIS which turned many Europeans into suicide bombers and terrorists who entered and destroyed Syria – MKO has radicalized many people in Europe, who one day might enter Iran and commit terrorist attacks. MKO uses the Syrian takfiri playbook to radicalize its supporters. They promise freedom, democracy, liberation and accuse the leaders of Iran as brutal rulers, dictators and butchers. Exactly what Daesh propaganda did in Syria. The end result behind MKO’s propaganda will be the total destruction of Iran and millions of Iranians who will die, abandon their country and seek refuge in Europe.

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