MEK and Democratic Values

MEK women

When a group is backed by AIPAC and FDD, consequently, logic, justice and humanity and transparency will disappear. A resolution introduced this week by Senator Thom Tillis, an American Republican from North Carolina, is the latest effort by a group of well-funded members of Congress to extend political recognition to the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK).

The most hilarious part of the resolution is the claim that the MEK will establish a “democratic and secular” government in Iran. The claim for democracy and secularism is definitely contrary to those hundreds of women in uniforms with monochrome hijab chanting around Maryam Rajavi, that reminds us of the Maoist China and North Korea.

As the self-appointed alternative of the Iranian government, the MEK is a cult of personality, settled in a remote, isolated camp in Albania. Its members are a few thousand of elderlies who are kept there against their will. Throughout the past few years, they either could manage to leave the group or passed away inside the camp.

The independent has been the only media to cover the news of the resolution signed by MEK-paid senators. However, it mentioned that the MEK is still considered as undemocratic by the US State Department:
“It’s the latest — and most direct, in recent memory — bipartisan show in support for the MEK and NCRI by lawmakers that will once again put them at odds with the views of the State Department, which has an adversarial relationship with the dissidents. Since the MEK’s un-designation as a terrorist group by the US government in 2012, the State Department has steadily maintained that it does not view the MEK and NCRI as “viable opposition” groups in Iran and have questioned their commitment to democratic values.”

The MEK lacks public support among Iranians. The most iconic slogan of the Iranian protesters has been “Women, Life, Freedom”. The MEK has hijacked the slogan and changed it to “Women, Resistance, Freedom”. They just deleted “life” because they do not believe in life. In the Cult of Rajavi, thinking of life is forbidden.

By Mazda Parsi

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