What we expect from the Albanian government?

Albania police takes control of MKO' camp

More than 7 years have passed since September 2015, when the relocation of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) from Iraq to Albania was completed. The group has been settled in the territory of a European country, Albania, which is one of the signatories of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). But they still behave as if they are under the umbrella of the former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein; The MEK apply their cult-like mind control system over members; they do not allow their members to decide with their own free will.

For nearly eight years, the leaders of the MEK cult have deprived the members of their basic human rights in Europe as well, and instead of allowing the members to contact and communicate with their families, they have brainwashed them.

Why should the members of the MEK in Albania be so enslaved and trapped by the cult leaders that they cannot freely choose a profitable job for themselves like any other refugee in the country. The Rajavis should stop forcing defectors to spy other defectors by threatening them.

Why shouldn’t the members have the right to marry and live independently after being in Albania for about 8 years? They should be given the opportunity to live a normal life, get married and have children.

Why can’t the media activists freely go inside the Manez camp in Albania, so that the voices of the dissident members can be heard. With the withdrawal of cult-like control over members, the truth of inside the camp will be known to public and the government of Albania.

Why should the sick members be kept under the control of the MEK inside the Manez camp like slaves”? They are deprived of medical, medicinal and convalescent needs. Eventually, some of
them die or come close to death every day.

Undoubtedly, if the Albanian government had prevented the leaders of the MEK from continuing their cult-like and violent actions in its country, the death rate in this cult would have been significantly reduced. If the Albanian government had proper control over the Cult of Rajavi, many members who died due to diseases would be alive now.

Why does the Albanian government allow the leaders of a destructive cult, who boast of their violent and terrorist actions and incite people to violent acts, to continue this propaganda?

Didn’t the government of Albania notice how the leaders of the MEK led their members to clash with the police on June 30th, 2023?

Isn’t the experience of the MEK conflicts with different Iraqi governments after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and their experience of conflict with the Albanian police not enough for the government of this country to realize that the group is violent in nature.

The government of Albania must pave the way to remove cult-like regulations from the isolated Manez camp and instead, the law governing the country of Albania should be applied in the camp. This is the minimum expectation that the families of MEK members have from the Albanian government and it is the minimum that the Albanian government should as the consequence of hosting the group.

As Iranians, it is our tradition to visit each other during Nowruz and spend the New Year with our closest relatives. I hope the government of Albania fulfills this minimum request of the families, which is to visit their beloved children, and allow the families of the members taken as hostages in the Cult of Rajavi to have the opportunity to contact and meet their children freely.

Iraj Salehi, defector of the MEK and member of Nejat Society
Translated by Mazda Parsi

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