Massoud Rajavi offered his own gun to the 14-year-old Zohair

Zohair was only fourteen when he was armed by Massoud Rajavi in person

Zohair Zakeri was born in 1976. When in 1991 Massoud Rajavi ordered to separate the children form their Mujahed parents and smuggle them to Europe and North America, Zohair refused to leave Camp Ashraf; he allegedly wanted to be a fighter of the MEK’s army, the so-called National Liberation army. Eventually, Massoud Rajavi gave his colt to him as a gift!
His father, Ebrahim Zakeri was a high-ranking member of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi). His mother who disagreed with the MEK had divorced before they came to Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

Zohair zakeri next to his father

Ozra Alavi Taleghani the second wife of Ebrahim Zaker was Zohair’s stepmother. Both parents were commanders in the MEK and busy working for the group. So, Zohair did not enjoy a normal family life. Before the separation from their parents and the eventual forced divorce of married members, children of the Mujahedin could visit their parents in the weekends but Zohair was even deprived from these short-time family life.
Persuaded by Massoud Rajavi, the 14-year-old Zohair became a child soldier of the Cult of Rajavi. He did not go to school or university. Instead, he was under the constant manipulation system of the cult. He was trained as a devotee of Massoud Rajavi. According to the MEK’s website, Zohair wrote a letter to Rajavi after he watched the videos of his speech addressing him, “Brother! You break a record again but what should we do with your love?” This was the result of the education system of the Cult of Rajavi.

Zohair Zakeri

When Zohair was 19, he was an official member of the MEK’s army. Radicalized by Massoud Rajavi’s trainings he was ready to act under his absolute power. Consequently, years later when he was ordered to lie down in front of the military vehicles of Iraqi army to prevent them from entering Camp Ashraf, he was manipulated (or perhaps intimated) enough to get killed for the cause of Rajavi.
Zohair was 35 when he was killed in the clashes between Iraqi forces and the MEK members in May 2011. The MEK propaganda media broadcast all kinds of content to glorify the “martyrdom” of Zohair, a young man who never enjoyed childhood in the Cult of Rajavi and lost his life under the order of the cult leader.

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