The MEK former member: Rajavi is an Iranian Bin-Laden

At a very long ago, this mechanical engineer, born to poor peasants, was attracted to the movement against the Shah’s dictatorship by the speeches of its founders: Mehdi Bazargan,Hanifnezhad and Massoud Rajavi. He joined the Mojahedin organization in his home region in northern Iran. He soon joined the movement’s militia. He explains that,” I knew that the organization carried out violent actions, but I was proud of that since the targets were the monarchy and imperialist agents”. a member of the Majles Shoura (Consultative Council). He specialized in propaganda activities. After his national military service in 1981, he was given his first missions. Heading a group of five activists, he received his orders through coded messages broadcast by the movement’s radio. These operations involved breaking windows of officials’ homes, setting fire to their automobiles and burning portraits of Imam Khomeini. The young Mojahed won the respect of movement leaders, now headquartered in Paris and they asked him to come to their base in Iraq.

Mohamamd Nazari left for Karachi, Pakistan, where the Mojahedin had offices. From there, he went on to Baghdad a month later. He says:” I had changed a lot. I wasn’t myself anymore. My personality had been stolen from me. I could no longer think for myself. I was completely devoted to the organization and ready for terrorist actions in Iran. “ his first operations were against military targets in Iranian Kurdistan. During the period 1985-1986,the unit he commanded was in combat several times against the Iranian army. He also helped reconnoiter and map Iranian military positions, intelligence which the organization passed on to the Iraqi authorities. The former Mojahed recalls:” dressed in an Iranian Military jacket, I entered the country to scout the situation on the front. Sometimes, I captured Iranian soldiers and handed them over to the Iraqis”. In total his unit fought fifteen engagements against the Iranian Army and carried out dozens of reconnaissance operations in Iran.

In 1992, Mohammad Nazari began to realize the truth about the organization and refused to fight the Iraqi Kurds. He served 45 days in solitary confinement and his break with the organization was now complete. But, fearing for his life, he agreed to a self-criticism and rejoined the ranks. But he had one idea: plan his escape.
A little later, he asked for permission to travel to the United States, in order to visit the brother. His superiors refused to let him go. As a compromise, however they sent him to Germany, now free to travel, Mohammad Nazari went to Italy and asked for political asylum. Eleven months later, he returned to Iran, with the help of country’s embassy in Rome. Now,43, the former Mojahed says: ”I am not proud of my past. I fought for 19 years, but it was for nothing. If I have now agreed to describe my past, it is to unmask the Mojahedin Organization which stole the best years of my life and all dreams of my youth.” He adds:” Rajavi is not a Commander Massoud.

He is a Bin Laden. The afghan leader gave his life for his people. The Iranian,for his part, has not the slightest qualms about sending his men to their deaths. But he, himself, avoids touching a rifle. During all the years during which I worked side by side with him, I never knew where really lived.”

From the book: The People’s Mojahedin of Iran: A Struggle for what? “By Victor Charbonnier

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