ASILA develops the book fair for the citizens of Pogradec and Korca

The association “Asila” is known as the only one in Albania which mainly contributes to the support of the Iranian community in Albania.

ASILA bookfair

Asila works with a highly qualified staff following all the legal steps to be as correct as possible with the regulation of the statute based on each legislative protocol.

Karbala by Naim Frasheri

This time, Asila organizes a social and cultural fair on a long tour from Tirana to the city of Pogradec and Korce.
It is known that there have been many citizens who have expressed interest in knowing more not only about the topics published by Asila but also about their history.

A very interesting volume was Karbala by Naim Frasheri as well and the book written by Rahman Mohamadian who had the pleasure of donating his book in many cities with the fair held with Asila.

Kristal TV – translated by Nejat Society

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