Iran: MKO must be branded as terrorist organization by European countries

Iran Embassy in Italy issued a statement on the anniversary of martyrdom of former Iranian president and former prime minister by MKO terrorists, and stressed that the EU must refrain from adopting double-standards and regard the MKO as a terrorist organization.

The embassy warned the EU officials that adopting such double standards and defending the MKO terrorists has seriously harmed the EU credibility as a continent that is opposed to terrorism.

In the statement which was published in a number of Italian publications, it is said that on August 30, 1981, in a shameful terrorist act against the Iranian nation and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, president Mohammad-Ali Rajaie and prime minister Mohammad-Javad Baonar were both martyred at the Presidential Office in a terrorist explosion by the MKO group, that had also earlier in a similar terrorist act on June 28 of the same year at the Office of the Islamic Republic Party tens of judiciary and party officials and lots of other innocent people were martyred.

The late president Mohammad-Ali Rajaie and prime minister Mohammad-Javad Baonar

The embassy has noted that the MKO terrorist organization had also for a while been allied with the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain, that had earlier launched an 8-year aggressive war against Iran, and fought against their own country relying on his logistical and military support.

“The human rights and democratic value should not serve as instruments at the service of shutting a blind eye on horrendous terrorist acts, and whitewashing the terrorists by free world governments, as democracy is not equal with the freedom of terrorists in the western countries,” added the statement in part.

It says that there is no such thing as good terrorism and bad terrorism, and if the EU notices that its reputation is harmed in the world, it is because of the contradiction is its defense of the terrorists and supporting them, which is contrary with democracy and the articles of the human rights.

The embassy ends its statement wishing long life for the historical Iran-Italy strong relations.

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