Mohammad Mohammadi’s testimony on sexual abuse in the MEK

Mohammad Mohammadi

When in December 2021, former child soldiers of the Mujahedin Khalq spoke out about the abuses they endured inside the group camps and team houses, most people thought it was the first time to reveal facts on sexual abuse of children in the MEK. However, Mostafa Mohammadi might have been the first father who documented the testimonies of his son, Mohammad, on sexual assaults Mujaheds committed against him when he was in Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

Mostafa Mohammadi whose other child, his daughter, Somayeh is still taken as a hostage in the Cult of Rajavi, has the valuable habit to film many moments of his family life. The films he had taken became the basis of a documentary on the involvement of his family especially his daughter in the MEK: “An unfinished film for my daughter”.

to download the video file click here.

As a sympathizer of the MEK living in Canada, Mostafa admitted to send Mohammad and Somayeh to Iraq to stay with the MEK for a six-month training. Long after the end of the six-month period, the group leaders did not respond to Mostafa’s repeated requests to send back his children to Canada.

In 2003, after his unsuccessful self-immolation– which he did under coercion by the MEK– to protest the arrest of Maryam Rajavi by the French Police, the group leaders granted him the permission to travel to Iraq to visit his children at Camp Ashraf. He had shown his loyalty to Rajavi’s cult of personality and so he was given a gift.
During the short visit, Mostafa held a birthday party for his son, Mohammad who was in his early twenties. That was when Mohammad spoke of his determination to leave the group. He told his father about the reasons of his decision and the father was smart enough to record by his camera what his son recounted. He handed the camera to Somayeh and sat by the side of Mohammad in order to listen to the horrific facts his son was recounting about his life at Camp Ashraf.

In the film, Mohammad tries to speak vaguely about what he endured at nights of Camp Ashraf having difficulty to overcome his embarrassing feelings but his supportive father is there to help him talk in front of the camera in the hands of his sixteen-year-old sister.

Mohammad testified that he complained about the sexual harassments by male members of the group but the commanders did not care at all. Ultimately, Mohammad had decided not to sleep at nights!

Mohammad was a Canadian citizen so he could manage to return home but Somayeh did not succeed to get back in spite of writing letters to the government of Canada. Besides, the efforts of Mostafa and his wife to rescue their daughter was unproductive due to the obstructions the group made for them.

The next time that they went to Iraq, Somayeh had been totally brainwashed and apparently not willing to get back home. She is still in the MEK’s headquarters in Albania. Her parents were attacked by the MEK agents when they traveled to Tirana frustrating to visit Somayeh. They are still looking forward to seeing their beloved daughter who is in her thirties now.

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