The presence of MKO in Iraq is against the law

Within its 1700 GMT newscast on 6 August, Baghdad Al-Iraqiyah Television in Arabic the channel carries the following report: "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has said that his forthcoming visit to Turkey will seek to enhance Iraqi-Turkish relations at all levels. Al-Maliki added that the visit is part of a government plan to upgrade security and economic cooperation with Iraq’s neighbors."

The report cites Al-Maliki as saying: "This visit comes in response to an invitation by the Turkish prime minister to view bilateral issues and files. Needless to say, one of the files we will discuss is security cooperation to face terrorism and the terrorist challenges which the region in general and both countries in particular are witnessing. The Turkish side has expressed a strong desire to conclude economic agreements and pave the way for Turkish firms to take part in the reconstruction process, especially in the central and southern areas."

Al-Maliki adds: "The Iraqi Government will not allow Iraqi territories to become the launch pad of acts that can harm the interests of the others. Likewise, we will not allow Iraq to become a haven for illegitimate or terrorist organizations acting against any neighboring country. This, in fact, is stated in the Constitution. We are keen that no neighboring country is harmed by acts coming from Iraqi territories."

Commenting on his upcoming Iran visit, Al-Maliki says: "Here again, the same files will be raised, including security cooperation and the Mojahedin-E Khalq organization, which is viewed as a threat to Iran’s security and which is classified as a terrorist organization. The presence of this organization in Iraq is against the law and the Constitution. In addition, there are other common issues related to borders, water, and cooperation at the economic, oil, and power levels."

Al-Iraqiyah TV, Baghdad, in Arabic August 06, 2007

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