Asila Association to appeal the Albanian authorities to pursue the status of detained members


Appeal to
President of Albania, Mr. Bajram Begaj
Prime Minister of Albania, Mr. Edi Rama
Interior Minister Mr. Beldar Cuci
Minister of Health and Social Support Mrs. Ogerta Manastirliu

Since November 8, 2022, 6 members of the Association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania (Asila) have been detained in the closed refugee center in Kareç, Durres.
1. Hassan Hirani
2. Ali Hajri
3. Mehdi Soleimani
4. Hassan Shahbaz
5. Gholamreza Shukri
They are Iranian citizens, former members of the People’s Mujahedin Organization (PMOI/ MEK) and currently members of the Asila Association.
They and their families do not know the reason for this detention. All efforts have been made to find out the reason for the detention, but no comprehensive answer has been received.
In this situation, these people have been on hunger strike for several days, some of them are suffering from chronic diseases. As a result, the lack of food and medicine endangers their lives.
Please use all your power to solve this sensitive and dangerous situation to save their lives. The relevant authorities should explain the reason for keeping them in isolation.
Together, encourage them to stop strike by finding an answer to their demands.

Association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania (Asila)

ASILA members on hunger strike

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