MCNTV interviews Heyrani wife

MCNTV interviews Heyrani wife, Margarita Balco

He has been on hunger strike for 18 days. “My fiancé, Hassan Heyrani, an Iranian citizen, has been on hunger strike for 18 days after being unjustly imprisoned in the Closed Center for Foreigners Karreç, in Durrës”.
This is the claim of Margarita Ballço, who complained on the show “Xhadat”.

On November 8, 2022, Hassan Heyrani, 43 years old, was imprisoned in the Closed Center for Foreigners Karreç, in Durrës. Summoned by the Directorate of Immigration Police in Laprakë, he appeared together with some of his friends, members of the “ASILA” society in Albania, to renew their residence permit, but from there they were sent to Karreç, where for several days they have been on hunger strike.

“Hasan came to Albania in 2016 and left the Manza camp in 2018, because he wanted a free life, he wanted to start a family. He was called to the Directorate of Immigration Police in Laprakë to renew his residence permit, and there he was told that he should go to the detention center in Karreç, for reasons of national security. Hassan has been in the detention center for 2 months and he doesn’t know why he is inside. He has his own association “Asila” and a bar. I addressed the Ministry of the Interior, the Prime Minister with letters, the President, the Directorate of the Immigration Police, and they gave me a vague answer, which is for national security. 5 of his friends were also imprisoned. I suspect that this was done by Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the mujahedin, because Hassan showed the dirty things that were done in the MEK, what really happened,” said Margarita.

We remind you that for several years Albania has become one of the places of refuge for members of the organization People’s Mujahedin of Iran, in other words (MEK), which until recently was considered a terrorist organization by most Western countries.

In the month of August, at the book fair organized in Durrës, there was also a clash between the mujahedin who live inside the Manza camp and those who left it, representatives of the “ASILA” association. One of them was Hassan Heyrani.

The name of Hassan Heyrani – on the website MEK is among the names of the Intelligence Agents of the Iranian regime in Albania.
From November 8, 2022, he is in the closed center for foreigners in Karreç, Durrës.

He does not know why he is inside and it is the 17th day of the hunger strike, that he is waiting for a correct answer from our government. If he did something, why don’t they take him to court and punish him? In July last year, Hassan and his 10 friends’ apartments were searched by SPAK and they found nothing inside.

Before going on hunger strike, in a connection from the center of Karreç, Hasan talked about the difficult conditions in which he is.
“We are here without any explanation. No one answers us, it’s very cold, no heater. We sleep with coats and hoods. The officer told us that he did not like the interviews we gave to the BBC and some other media, where we talked about the mujahedin. Honestly, we are scared, because here it is like a prison. For more than 40 days, we could not go out to get fresh air. We are just in a room, where all the doors are closed. Every week, or once every two weeks, a group of policemen come and pick up a person, put him in a car and immediately take him to Greece. I told them, if we have any problem, if we have broken any law of Albania, please go to court, before the judges. “,he said.

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