Mojahedin Khalq Angry Backlash against a Report

Mojahedin-e Khalq Organiztion (MKO) habitually keeps silent over any report and news that poses allegations or international counter-terrorist moves against it. In fact, any reaction from its part somehow turns to be the proven evidence that verifies the accuracy of the released reports and authenticate them.

Released by its official organ Mojahed, originally published in Persian, No. 257 dated August 24, the organization showed an angry backlash against recently released reports by Iraqi and Iranian media that ‘Interpol has issued arrest warrant for Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, and called it a falsified report.

According to Mojahed, MKO’s spokesperson in Oslo referred to Baztab’s report “The Fate of Saddam Awaits Maryam & Massoud Rajavi’ as disinformation by Iran. That is while Jafar al-Mousawi, the prosecutor of Iraqi High Court, had said earlier that the terrorist MKO has been indicted because of involvement in killing thousands of innocent Shiites in accomplice with Saddam during the uprising of Sha’banieh in 1991. The reports on arrest warrant for Massoud and Maryam Rajavi showed that solid evidences of Iraqi prosecutor have convinced the Interpol to arrest the gang leaders.

The Fate of Saddam Awaits Maryam & Massoud Rajavi (Baztab, August 24, 2007)

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