The names and pictures of the activists of the MEK’s front organizations in Canada

The documents obtained from the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) show that the group has set up a large network in Canada since the past years and these networks are easily operating in line with the illegal and criminal goals of the group.

According to the political reporter of Fars News Agency, this news agency has recently revealed documents from the human network and cover organizations of the MEK in Canada. In that report, it was emphasized that hosting the MEK due to its terrorist nature is always a danger to the security of the host and other sponsoring countries. In addition, the Islamic Republic of Iran does not stand any government supporting terrorism, especially the organization that has the blood of 17 thousand Iranians on its hand.

However, despite receiving various warnings from our country, the Canadian government has insisted on hosting the terrorist group of the People’s Mojahedin Organization and preparations for the transfer of these criminals are underway.

Fars news agency, which in the previous report disclosed the names of 20 associations and front organizations of the MEK in Canada, as promised in this report, following the acquisition of new documents, the names of officials and active supporters and some other front associations of this It will disclose the group in Canada as follows:

The MEK’s official in Canada:
Shahram Golestaneh

The group’s activists in the MEK’s office in Otava:
1. Shahraokh Zanjani and Massoud Shahidzadeh, financial and administrative official of the group’s projects in Toronto
2. Mojtaba Dolati, the office administrator
The group’s officials and activists in Toronto:
Fereshteh Rahmati, Shahrokh Zanjani, Morteza Mehrabi, Simin Boorchi, Ali Behroozian, Behrooz Rezai, Hooshang Qasemi, Amin Zamani, Mojtaba Dolati, Mehri, Mohammad Hassan, Parisa, Mahnaz Etemadi, Sara Jahromi, Shahin Songhori, Mehrdad Heidar Bozorg, Saeed Atatshbar, Asi Shafi, Ahad Khoshbatan, Nader Khabazi. They all have several members under their authority.
1. Hamid Qarache, Hossein Beizai, Mahnaz Etemadi and Maliheh Salehyar are the MEK’s political and press officials in Toronto. Maliheh Salehyar is also responsible for recruiting forces.
2. Morteza Mehrabi pour is responsible for rallies, providing flyers and other printed items.
3. Kavos Nasiri and Asi Shafi are responsible for the sound affairs of the campaigns, and Shafi is also a member of the Nadir Khabazi’s team
4. Akram and Amir Moshfeq are in charge of decoration in projects, idea generator and review of ideas
5. Ali Behroozian is responsible for the political warfare department in the whole of Canada and specifically responsible for the political warfare in Toronto
6. Behrouz Rezaei, who is in charge of monitoring and monitoring television channels, is on his side in the political war department as an auxiliary element alongside Behrouzian. (Each has a separate team for their affairs).
7. Shahnaz Qaracheh, Mohammad Darwish, Sara Jahromi, Shaheen Sanghari, Akram Mirafazli who are active in the field 1: publishing tweets and 2: launching and shaping Toronto forums.
8. Nader Khabazi, producer of clips and content
9. Mehrdad Ansari, responsible for photography and a member of Nader Khabazi’s team

The names of a number those MEK members who attended the group’s rally in France in June 2023:
Hamid Qarache, Mohammad Darvish, Shohreh Ehsani, Mother Ehsani, Mehdi Garmroodi, Shakoor Ghafoorimanesh, Ali Asghar Pahlavanloo, Lida Shaheedzadeh, Fereidoon shrazi, Sepideh Thrani Parsa, Morteza Mehrabi pour, Jalal Kiani. Mehri Naeemi, Safdar Ghaffarifard, Karim Akbari, Hamid Mashayekhi, Mehdi Salehi, Kavoos Nasiri.
The documents obtained from the MEK show that this group has launched a large network in Canada since the past years and these networks are easily operating in line with the illegal and criminal objectives of the group.

The transfer of the remnants of the MEK from Albania to Canada, the government’s lack of attention to Iran’s warnings and the disagreement of the opposition living in this country, shows the existence of common interests between these terrorists and some officials of the Canadian government, that will endanger the national security of Canadian people.
Below are images of the offices and operatives of the MEK in Canada:

Translated by Nejat Society

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