Ali Zamani escaped the MEK and joined the Nejat Society Albania

We are pleased to inform the respected families and the general public of Iran that another of the children trapped in the MEK was able to be rescued from the captivity of this terrorist cult and regained his freedom.

Ali Zamani at the office of Nejat Society Albania

Mr. Ali Asghar Zamani Varkaneh, a former member of the Rajavi Cult, was able to escape in a brave situation on Thursday 14th of September 2023 and introduced himself to the Tirana No. 4 Police Station and subsequently joined his friends.

Tirana No. 4 police station

The Nejat Society Albania would like to first of all express its gratitude to the authorities of the government and police of Albania, especially the officials of Tirana No. 4 Police Station, and secondly, to congratulate all the families on the rescue of Mr. Ali Zamani and his joining the great family of Nejat.

Nejat Society Albania

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