Liri Shekari speaks of her husband’s tragic story as a MEK member – Part one

Gholamreza Shekari and his Albanian wife

Lirije Shekari, the wife of Gholamreza Shekari, a former member of the Mujahedin Khalq (MEK), tells about the bitter times of members caught in this cult. Lirije Shekari is an active member of the Albanian Nejat Society. Gholamreza Shekri married Liri after leaving the MEK cult in Albania, and unfortunately shortly after the couple got married, Gholamreza was detained in the illegal refugee camp of Karec. These days, Liri Shekari is waiting for her husband’s release from the illegal refugee camp of Karec, and she continues humanitarian activities along with other members of the Albanian Nejat Society.

Her recent message, published on the Facebook page of the Albanian Nejat Society, seems worth to read because an Albanian citizen who is married to a former Mujahed has written them:
I am Lirije Shekrai, the wife of Gholamreza Shekari, since I met Reza, I wanted to know the story of his life. Every time I told him why he had come to Albania, she told me: ” I will tell you my life story at an appropriate time”. A few months passed and one day he proposed to me. I couldn’t believe it when he held my hand and told me that I am ready to share my life with you.

After some time, we got married and one day he came over and said: “Do you want to know how my life was and why I came to Albania after so many years?” I replied that I wanted to know who he really was.

He started telling his memoirs from the time he was in the Iran-Iraq war. He told me how he entered Iraq with two other people from Iran and there they left him alone.
It was interesting that I had never heard the word, “Mujahid”, that I could not pronounce it. He told me his story of how the MEK agents tricked him and captured him in the war.

I just realized that after 37 years Reza has not been able to see his mother and even in Albania, he applied for a visa for his mother but it was not approved. It seemed clear to me what Reza says when he says the MEK is against the family.

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