Dr. Alfred Ebrahimi to visit Nejat Society office in Tirana

Dr. Alfred Ebrahimi, a psychiatrist and deputy of Lija penitentiary, attended the villa of Nejat Society in Tirana and met with members of this office. In this meeting, he conveyed the congratulatory message of the Head of the Penitentiary to members of Nejat Society Albania and thanked for the bilateral cooperation in line with the common goals of knowing as much as possible about the destructive cult-like mind control that has plagued many young people in today’s era.

In this meeting, while welcoming Mr. Ebrahimi and his companions, Sarfaraz Rahimi talked about the special goals of Nejat Society in reaching the voices of families who are unable to communicate with their loved ones, and also about rescuing members of Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) from mental captivity. He praised Dr. Ebrahimi for his efforts to deradicalize prisoners in order to return to society.

Dr. Alfred Ebrahimi to visit Nejat Society office in Tirana

In this meeting, Ali Zamani, who has recently escaped from the MEK, talked about mental and emotional pressures that were systematically imposed on him and other members of the group and the methods of mind control and brainwashing that are applied within the Cult of Rajavi.

Then Khalil Ansarian explained about the psychological pressure systems that are applied to mEK members on a daily basis in a jargon called “current operation”. He also gave a detailed explanation about the limitations of relationships and gender discrimination and the purpose of these programs, which greatly impressed Dr. Ebrahimi.

Erisa Rahimi, the Albanian member of Nejat Society Albania, delivered the CEO of Nejat Society with complete explanations about the two decades of activities of the society inside Iran and outside Iran, as well as the message of the representative of mothers of MEK hostages, Mrs. Soraya Abdullahi. Dr. Ebrahimi thanked Nejat and its officials.
Hamid Atabai appreciated Dr. Alfred Ebrahimi for his practical support for Nejat Society and emphasized that Dr. Ebrahimi has used all his capacities in the Albanian society to help defectors of the MEK.

Aldo Solulari, media manager of Nejat Society Albania, also explained the current political situation of the MEK in Albania and Maryam Rajavi’s escape from this country.
Mrs. Ela Dada, the manager of legal affairs of Nejat Society Albania, also spoke about the criminal action of the MEK leaders for preventing members from contacting their families.
Nejat Society Albania and Dr. Alfred Ebrahimi hoped to continue further cooperations.

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