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3 decades of life presidency, the prove for Rajavi’s undemocratic ruling

Maryam Rajavi

Nearly three decades have passed since the appointment of Maryam Rajavi as the president on 30 Mehr 1372, she is still in power and carries the title of “elected president for the era of transfer of power and sovereignty to the people of Iran”. A title that cannot last for three continuous decades in any democratic structure.

As we know, words such as “election” or “elected”, like many other valuable words, have been emptied of their meaning by the Cult of Rajavi. No democratically elected president in the history of democracy has been able to hold office for thirty years, or rather for life, unless the power structure is a dictatorship.

The remarkable coincidence in the appointment of Maryam Rajavi to the presidency for life was that Almost at the same time, members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), were subjected to the most severe repressions and organized tortures at Camp Ashraf, Iraq. Massive interrogations, torture, solitary confinement and even the murder of members took place in Camp Ashraf prisons in the early 1990s.

In addition to the above-mentioned honors, the resume of Maryam Rajavi, the president of the so-called National Council of Resistance, during all these years, is a ten-point plan full of contradictions and deception, in which the right to choose for clothing, to choose for religion and freedom of expression and many other democratic rights are claimed to be fulfilled by her in case that she come to power in Iran.

The beginning of Maryam Rajavi’s presidency coincided with the height of the “Pot” meetings –in which dissident members were suppressed under peer pressure, interrogation and isolation. This type of ruling has continued until today in Ashraf 3, in Albania.

Today, the only achievement of Maryam Rajavi, after years of wearing a democratic title, is that about two thousand members of her group are forced to work under the command of the queen like worker bees on the outskirts of a village in Albania, while they are not allowed to leave their hive without organizational control.

And of course, another democratic achievement that can be considered for Maryam Rajavi is a concept called “resistance units”, which is summarized in images of groups of two or three people with their faces covered and being in secluded areas with a photo or a slogan of Mrs. president of whom they probably don’t even know the name correctly. In exchange for receiving a sum of money, members of resistance units are ready to set fire to the buildings in the urban areas in order to display another symbol of the democracy desired by Masoud and Maryam Rajavi.

By Mazda Parsi

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