Concluding Statement of The great gathering of the Albanian Nejat Society

Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO) led by Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, while they were expelled from Iraq and no other country was willing to receive them, were accepted in Albania for humanitarian reasons about 7 years ago.
But this organization, according to the repeated statements of various responsible officials in the Albanian government, behaved beyond the agreements made and violated the laws of the Republic of Albania, and in an isolated and remote camp, they violated the most basic human rights of the members, that is, the right to communicate with the outside world. especially with the family.

The Albanian Nejat Society, consisting of former members of the MEK, those who managed to recover their freedom and set foot in the outside world, organized this rally with the help of families in Iran to raise public opinion in Albania regarding the issue of human rights violations in the MEK camp. Their aim is to inform the Albanians about the situation and ask the authorities to intervene in this matter and prevent the continuation of this process.

Therefore, we, the participants of this rally, while thanking and appreciating the responsible officials in the government and police of Albania for the support provided to the Iranians living in Albania and especially the members of the Albanian Nejat Society, would like to inform the Albanian government of the following requests:
1. Conditions should be provided and arrangements should be made so that the families of the members of the MEK in Albania can obtain visas and entry permits and travel to Albania so that they can closely monitor the conditions of their loved ones.
2. Refrain from sending the defectors of the MEK to Iran, even if it is apparently voluntary, because these people are travelling from Albania, which hosts the MEK, without Iranian identity documents, and due to their history of activity with the MEK they face prison and prosecution.

3. The activity of the MEK against the security of the people of Iran in cyberspace, which takes place from the territory of Albania, continues as in previous years, and there is still no serious action visible on the part of the government of Albania against such actions that endanger the national security of Albania.

4. On June 20 of this year, the MEK reacted violently against a legal action of the Albanian police to inspect their camp, which resulted in the injury of a number of police officers. Similar to this incident, when this organization was present in Iraq, also happened against the legal action of the Iraqi police to inspect the Ashraf camp. Unfortunately, there was no reaction to this clearly illegal action of the MEK in Albania.
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the Nejat Society conference in Tirana

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