Greeting message for Iranian New Year 1403

Mirlinda Zharri and women of Nejat Albania

On the occasion of the Iranian New Year, we wish you from the bottom of our hearts, with the best possible joys, we sincerely wish you a Holy, Prosperous New Year 1403 full of Peace and Love.

May the feeling of Prosperity and happiness be present in your hearts full of love!
We hope that the New Year 1403 will be the New Year of “Hope” for the voice of those mothers who are in Iran, who every day are impatiently waiting for the meeting of those beautiful boys and girls, who are “stuck” in the MEK Mojahedin-e Khalq!

We sincerely wish the opening of the doors of hope, for the young people of this organization to meet and communicate with their relatives in Iran!

We hope that “Diplomatic Relations” and “Consular Relations” between the 2 Honourable States Albania – Iran will be opened as soon as possible, in such a way as to bring our 2 Honourable States closer, to take the right “Steps” for a “Peace” Prosperous “!

The Iranian New Year coincides with the Holy Month of Ramadan 1403 in Albania!
We hope that our relations will be excellent in the future between 2 ancient peoples with unique traditions in the world!


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