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Judge Dehghani: Hosting the MEK is considered a crime

trial of MEK members

The trial of 104 members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK), and the group as a legal entity, began.

Today, Tuesday, May 7th, the trial was held in the 11th branch of the criminal court of a province of Tehran, headed by Judge Dehghani. The court advisors are Morteza Turk and Amin Naseri, and Vaziri represents the prosecutor.

Judge Dehghani announced that the court session is public and said: A case containing the indictment received from Tehran’s General Prosecutor’s Office regarding the accusations of 104 leaders of the MEK and the organization’s legal personality was brought to the court, which the 11th branch of the criminal court of a province of Tehran, according to the law, is dealing with it.

Once again Judge Dehghani asked the hosting countries of the defendants to extradite them to the Iranian judiciary. “We warn the countries that host the defendants of this case”, he said. “Hosting these defendants is considered a crime against international conventions against terrorism.”

Then, the judge asked Meysam Hakimzadeh, the lawyer of the plaintiffs, to take the stand. The lawyer spoke of the influence of the Shah’s Intelligence service (SAVAK) on Massoud Rajavi. Based on the bill he submitted to the court, Rajavi had turned into SAVAK’a accomplice after he cooperated with them and revealed the locations of his comrades. SAVAK reduced his sentence from death penalty to life imprisonment and in exchange made him unveil the Islamic cover of the group.

“At the beginning of its foundation the MEK tried to recruit members using an Islamic cover that attracted Muslim youth at the time,” the lawyer said.

Ali Sedaghat, an expert on ideologies was called to take the stand. He said: “We are dealing with a group that has repeatedly committed violent crimes, including torture, murder and assassination, and has a practical policy for itself. We must first know its basic principles, because in philosophy, every action is based on a theory, dos and don’ts are based on what is and what is not.”

“Some believe that the MEK’s ideology is a mixture of Islam and Marxism opposing imperialism. But, these two ideologies are contradictory,” Sedaghati added.

He concluded about the basis of the MEK’s approach: “We all saw that the MEK wiped out the cover and today it is looking for the sponsorship of the Imperialism. Even if we say that the members of the MEK are Muslim-looking communists, it still cannot be applied. The communist should be with the people, but in Shabaniyah uprisings in Iraq, they were against the masses and by the side of the dictator, Saddam Hussein. I have an interpretation. I consider them to be Muslim-looking Machiavellians or Muslim-looking pragmatists to reach Masoud Rajavi’s power.”

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