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Missed Opportunities

“Iran: Fact & Fiction”

On December 8, 2007, CNN’s Special Investigations Unit started televising “Iran: Fact & Fiction” with Campbell Brown and Frank Sesno. Currently, the scheduled showings are 7 and 11 P.M. (Eastern Time) on December 8 and 9, 2007.

The major theme of the program is missed opportunities by political leaders in America and in Iran for peace. After years of television programs on the Fox News Channel and elsewhere promoting America’s worst enemies, the neo-conservatives (neo-Trotskyites) who want to bomb Iran, this CNN program provides some attempts to learn from past missed opportunities for peace.

Iran helped America fight the Taliban in Afghanistan, Fall 2001

Following September 11, 2001, the Islamic Republic of Iran helped America fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan. CNN provided only a few of the examples of Iran’s help, such as providing safe passage for humanitarian supplies going to Afghanistan and offering to work with the American military in providing military training for a new government in Afghanistan. How did President George W. Bush thank Iran for Iran’s sacrifices and help? In his January 2002 State of the Union address, President George W. Bush said that Iran is a member of the axis of evil. James Dobbins, a former State Department official, reported the extent of Iran’s help.

Iran’s Unsigned 2003 Memorandum

Switzerland passed to the American government an unsigned 2003 memorandum from the Iranian government suggesting in detail ways to resolve differences between Iran and America. This television program showed only a portion of the 2003 memorandum. That portion included a discussion of the Iranian Communist MEK (MKO, PMOI, NCRI, Rajavi Cult, or Pol Pot of Iran) terrorists. Brown and Sesno did not explain that President George W. Bush had used the MEK as a pretext for the Iraq War in 2002 and then protected America’s terrorist enemies at Camp Ashraf, Iraq in 2003.

Nicholas Burns, responsible for Iran at the State Department now (but not in 2003), appeared to lack knowledge of, and interest in, the 2003 memorandum.

Danielle Pletka, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), expressed her satisfaction that the Swiss official who passed the Iranian memorandum to American officials lost his job. She noted that America’s ambassadors to Iraq and to the United Nations meet with Iranian officials but nothing results from the meetings.

Brown and Sesno should have interviewed Michael Rubin at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), author of “The Guldimann Memorandum: The Iranian ‘roadmap’ wasn’t a roadmap and wasn’t Iranian” (Weekly Standard, October 22, 2007).

Trita Parsi, National Iranian American Council (NIAC), regarded the Bush Administration’s failure to respond to the 2003 memorandum a missed opportunity.

Mohammad Khatami’s Election as President of Iran, 1997

This program included details of the efforts of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who served in the Clinton administration, to respond to the opportunity provided by the election of Mohammad Khatami as President of Iran in 1997:

1. Albright gave speeches responding favorably to themes expressed in Khatami’s speeches.

2. America relaxed visa restrictions on Iranians.

3. Iranian scholars were permitted to visit America.

4. America wrestlers competed in Iran.

5. Albright gave a speech admitting American errors to a meeting of Professor Hooshang Amirahmadi’s American Iranian Council (AIC).

This program included an appearance by Kenneth Pollack, formerly with the National Security Council, who noted that Iran’s Supreme Leader responded unfavorably to America’s friendly overtures. Brown and Sesno failed to disclose relevant details about Pollack, such as:


1. Pollack is the author of The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq. Pollack has admitted that he understands very little Arabic.


2. Pollack is the author of The Persian Puzzle: The Conflict Between Iran and America. At the end of this book, Pollack admitted that he has never been to Iran and does not know Persian (Farsi).

Trita Parsi explained correctly that it was a mistake for America’s political leaders to reach out to only one person or one faction in the Iranian government.

Frank Sesno explained correctly that many Iranians do not trust America’s political leaders because of American support for the Shah of Iran and of American support for Saddam Hussein against Iran in the Iran-Iraq War.


Unfortunately, Brown and Sesno did not mention that President Bill Clinton had given a speech to the World Jewish Congress (WJC) on April 30, 1995 pleasing Zionists with trade sanctions against Iran.

Nuclear Inspections

IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei noted that Iran’s work with centrifuges is a political act. He reported that Iran does not allow surprise inspections or as complete access to its nuclear facilities as it did in the past. His advice for America was to “cool it”. While some American political leaders want a pressure cooker to explode, a cooler approach could result in being able to trust Iran in the future.

Former United Nations inspector David Kay regarded current Iranian leaders as dangerous but expressed the view that America has a 6 to 8 year opportunity to achieve a secure basis for peace.

Unfortunately, no one made comparisons with Israel, India, Pakistan, and with North Korea. America’s current political leaders have rewarded countries who did not even sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). North Korea is an evil communist, totalitarian regime guilty of torturing and of murdering Christians and persons who attempt to flee from North Korea. Many nuclear analysts that North Korea will never comply with agreements to end its nuclear weapons program.

2008 Presidential Candidates

Joe Klein, author of “Iran’s Nukes: Now They Tell Us” (Time magazine, December 6, 2007) noted that there is a real opportunity now for an opening with Iran, but President George W. Bush will fail to seize the opportunity. Klein predicted that the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) will hurt the saber rattling Republican presidential candidates. Rudy Giuliani, with a staff of neoconservative advisers, might be hurt the most. Among the Democrats, Hillary Clinton could be hurt because of her vote on a Senate resolution. Iranian leaders are hurting the opportunity by enriching uranium and by supporting Hezbollah. However, Iran is not building nuclear weapons.

David Gergen agreed that Republican presidential candidates who have supported President George W. Bush’s excessive war rhetoric will be hurt.

Saturday December 8, 2007 – 09:13pm (PST) Permanent Link


 London Meetings with Members of Parliament, November 22, 2007

Paul Sheldon Foote,November 23, 2007

On Thursday, November 22, 2007 (Thanksgiving Day in America), some Members of Parliament experienced separate talks with questions and answers by Professor Raymond Tanter [President, Iran Policy Committee; promoting the Iranian Communist MEK (MKO, PMOI, NCRI, Rajavi Cult, or Pol Pot of Iran) terrorists] and Professor Paul Sheldon Foote [opposing the MEK terrorists and neoconservatives].

The Conservative Middle East Council (CMEC) arranged for my meeting with Members of Parliament.


The following is my PowerPoint outline submitted to the Conservative Middle East Council (CMEC) following the meeting. My talk covered many, but not all, of the topics in this outline during the time period available for the meeting with some Members of Parliament.

US Division of Foreign Policy Towards Iran

Paul Sheldon Foote

Academic Credentials

• Professor of Accounting, California State University, Fullerton

• BBA, University of Michigan—Ann Arbor; MBA, Harvard Business School; Ph.D., Michigan State University


Marriage in Iran

• Married an Iranian khanam in Tehran, Iran, 1968

• Met my wife in London, 1967, when we worked at the Chief Foreign Branch of Barclays Bank (Fenchurch at Lombard streets)

Military Service

• Army lieutenant, Vietnam War

• Volunteered and served in Vietnam, 1968-1969, to fight communists

• Real veteran and conservative, not a neoconservative chickenhawk



 Lover of Iran

 Persian language studies, Harvard University, 1971-1972    

• Professor Richard Frye, Greater Iran

• Sir Roger Stevens, The Land of the Great Sophy

International Work Experience

• Government of Norway, Oslo, 1967

• Barclays Bank, London, 1967

• U.S. Army, Vietnam, 1968 – 1969

• American Embassy, Tehran, Iran, 1970


International Work Experience 2


• Citibank, Lebanon and India, 1972-1973

• Singer Sewing Machine Company, Greece, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, 1974 – 1975


International Work Experience 3

• Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, 1994 – 1996.

• English language teaching, Islamic Republic of Iran, 1995, 1996.

• Fraud consulting, Oman, 1998.

Republican Party Credentials

• Lifelong registered Republican, never a neoconservative admirer of Trotsky or of communism

• Elected: Los Angeles Republican County Central Committee, 1990


Republican Party Credentials 2


• Republican candidate for California State Assembly, 1992


Ron Paul


Republican Congressman: I support for President in 2008

• Libertarian Party presidential candidate, 1988

• “Neo-CONNED” speech to Congress, 2003


Patrick J. Buchanan

• Right From The Beginning, 1988 political autobiography


• Neoconservatives, claiming to be former communists, cannot dupe real conservatives.

Patrick J. Buchanan 2

• A Republic, Not an Empire (2002)

• Real American conservatives support setting an example of how to have a great republic at home, not how to invade other countries to steal resources.


Patrick J. Buchanan 3

• Where the Right Went Wrong (2005)

• Neoconservatives (Neo-Trotskyites) are not anti-communist because they opposed the Soviet Union after Stalin’s murder of Trotsky.

 Patrick J. Buchanan 4

• “Who are the neoconservatives? The first generation were ex-liberals, socialists, and Trotskyites, boat-people from the McGovern revolution who rafted over to the GOP at the end of conservatism’s long march to power with Ronald Reagan in 1980.”


Justin Raimondo

• Director, Antiwar.com

• Former public office candidate: Libertarian and Republican parties


• Articles critical of neoconservatives (Trotskycons) and of MEK


Justin Raimondo 2


• Book: Reclaiming The American Right


Claes Ryn


• Professor, Catholic University of America


• Book: America the Virtuous


• Parallels between neoconservatives (neo-Jacobins) and the Reign of Terror of French Revolution


Lew Rockwell

• Libertarian articles critical of neoconservatives and of MEK posted at LewRockwell.com

Renew Diplomatic Relations

• Bruce Laingen, Republican and highest ranking diplomatic hostage in Iran, has supported talks and diplomatic relations with Iran

• Example: March 6, 1998 PBS News Hour

End Western Support of Terrorists

• There are no good terrorists.

• Western countries need to stop all operations of Iranian Communist MEK (MKO, PMOI, NCRI, Rajavi Cult, or Pol Pot of Iran) terrorists.

Close Camp Ashraf, Iraq

• September 2002: President Bush used MEK as pretext for Iraq War.

• 2003: American and coalition forces attacked Camp Ashraf.

• 2007: America protects its communist enemies.


End Trade Sanctions

• President Clinton, a Democrat, at the World Jewish Congress Dinner (New York City, April 30, 1995) announced he would sign executive orders stopping investment in Iran.


End Trade Sanctions 2

• Clinton thanked Edgar Bronfman, a major shareholder in Conoco, for stopping Conoco from investing $1 billion in Iran’s petroleum industry.

• Clinton noted Bronfman’s Zionist ties.


End Trade Sanctions 3

• “I know he was the President of the World Jewish Congress, the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Agency, Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.” –Clinton, April 30, 1995


End Trade Sanctions 4

• The West has promoted trade and investment involving tens of thousands of factories in Communist China.

• China has millions of political prisoners and executes many for religious or political beliefs.


End Trade Sanctions 5

• Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has a policy of nonintervention

• Contrary to neoconservative lies, real conservatives are not isolationists. We support world trade, not endless wars.


Condemn Zionist Racism

• “A million Arabs are not worth one Jewish fingernail.” –Rabbi Yaacov Perrin at 1994 funeral for Baruch Goldstein, charter member of Jewish Defense League who murdered 29 Muslims.


Stop Strangling Iran

• Neoconservatives lie about exporting democracy.

• European powers crushed Persia’s 1906 Constitutional Revolution.

• Iranians struggled for democracy a century ago.

Reject Zionist Claims to Palestine

• For an honest history of the 7th Century conversion of King Bulan and of the Khazars to Judaism, read Chagall’s Target.

• Ashkenazics were descendents of Noah’s son Japhet, not Shem.

-Finns, not Semites and not “Chosen”.


Do not reward NPT non-signers

• Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty non-signers:

• India

• Israel

• North Korea

• Pakistan

Stop Stealing Resources

• The 1872 Reuter’s Concession (or Reuter Concession) described by Lord Curzon as ‘the most complete and extraordinary surrender of the entire industrial resources of a kingdom into foreign [i.e. British] hands’

• Newspapers published editorials and articles expressing shock at Baron de Reuter’s concession from Persia’s Shah.


Stop Stealing Resources 2

• The Shah of Iran squandered the wealth of the Iranian people for the benefit of American interests.

• The Shah of Iran abolished political parties and created a one-party totalitarian state.

• Interlock: The untold story of American banks, oil interests, the Shah’s money, debts, and the astounding connections between them

book by Mark Hulbert


Stop Stealing Resources 3

• Stop using the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and other international organizations to control and impoverish countries.

Stop Stealing Resources 4

• Neoconservatives lied about exporting democracy and fighting terrorism in Iraq.

• Be honest about petrodollar warfare: “It is the crude, dude.”


Contact Information

• Professor Paul Sheldon Foote

• Department of Accounting

• California State University, Fullerton

• PO Box 6848

• Fullerton, CA 92834-6848 USA

• (714) 278-2682

• Email: pfoote@fullerton.edu

• Skype Name: paulsheldonfoote

Blog and Political Forum



Professor Paul shedon Foote, December 08, 2007


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