Apostles of Democracy

 “It is with optimism that I usually regard elections. Win or lose, they are an opportunity for the voice of the people to be heard, but an exception to this will be the Iranian “elections” this March. Elections in Iran are neither free nor fair”. That is how Mark Williams, one out of 35 UK Parliamentarians that took the Government to court to have the ban on the MKO lifted, opens his article released in global politician. He is of the opinion that none of the elections inside Iran are fare and that the entire elected are pre-elected. True or false, the fact is that his source of information is biased toward Mojahedi-e Khalq terrorist cult and the world is well acquainted with the accuracy extent of the information released by the group.

Interestingly, he suggests the essentiality of a democratic change inside Iran. At least he has to err on the side of caution not to recommend an undemocratic, terrorist group for the accomplishment of the mission. He believes that the best solution is real democratic change in Iran and that, Britain and the EU must stop hindering the democratic Iranian Resistance as it strives for change.

Mr. Williams has to be notified that a globally proscribed terrorist group whose leading president-elect is neither elected by Iranian people nor even by a single ballot of the organization’s own insiders but promoted to the position by her egocentric husband is not legitimate at all to lead the campaign for the change inside Iran. Claimed by the organization and corroborated at least by two European court rulings, MKO has forsworn terrorism since 2001. Has anybody ever asked what terrorist deeds and atrocities the group has perpetrated against Iranian people before its claimed renunciation of terrorism?

How is that Mr. Williams has obtained information on the claimed number of 120,000 executed members and supporters of the organization while he knows nothing of the number of the key Iranian officials and innocent civilians who were mercilessly killed by the terrorist operation teams of the organization soon after the Iranian 1979 revolution? As a Member of Parliament, Mr. Williams has easy access to the approved evidences and reasons leading to the proscription of MKO as a terrorist organization. Even Mojahedin themselves know well that Iranian have closed the door on them; they only strive to get their foothold secure wherein they have taken refuge and are required to maintain a democratic conduct.  February 5, 2008

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