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Terrorists arrested in Iran were trained abroad

(Iran calls the British support for Terrorist Mojahedin Khalq disgraceful)

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian security forces have arrested 10 people armed with weapons including missile launchers who were trained abroad to carry out attacks in Iran.

A police official in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan told the Islamic republic news agency that the arrests took place after security forces clashed with "terrorists" in recent days.

"These bandits had entered the country to carry out bombings, terror officials and create fear and panic among people of the province… but in an operation 10 of them were arrested," Gholamali Nekoui said.

Nekoui said the groups, armed with missile launchers and other weapons, were trained outside the country, without elaborating.

Iran has blamed US and British agents based in neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan for launching deadly attacks in border provinces in recent years.

Documents obtained in previous cases have proved that Britain and the United States have both striven to destabilize the Islamic Republic by supporting rebels, mainly those in sensitive border areas.

Earlier this month, armed bandits kidnapped 16 Iranian police and took them across the border to Pakistan. Tehran blamed the attack on Jundollah rebel group with bases in Pakistan.

Jundollah later took responsibility for the attack. It said it had killed two of the hostages and threatened to kill the other 14 if Tehran refused to meet its demands, including the release of jailed comrades.

Iran’s border regions with Afghanistan and Pakistan are also a major smuggling route for drugs and other contraband. More than 3,600 Iranian policemen have died in the region fighting drug traffickers since Iran’s 1979 revolution.

Fars News, June 26, 2008


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