Protest over UK de-proscription of MEK

Following the de-proscription of MEK from the UK’s terrorist list and open support of that country for MEK terrorists, more than 10 thousands citizens of Shiraz signed a letter for British Embassy, Tehran. The text of the statement includes:

British Embassy – Tehran

The Terrorist Hypocrites group (Muajhedin Khalq) was removed from the list of terrorist organizations by British government although it has had a long history of a thousand crimes, treasons, terrors ,assassinations and cooperation with the enemy of Iran during the “ Imposed War” ,spying and even torture against its own members forcing them to commit suicide operations and self – immolation …

It is obvious that the traitor leaders of the terrorist cult are the main criminals who killed the best educated people of Iran and also the innocent civilians, declaring the armed struggle.

These traitor mercenaries who were Saddam Hussein’s accomplice during the eight years of Iran – Iraq war, launched dozens of operations along Iran- Iraq borders killing hundreds of our countrymen with the weapons donated by the enemy.

The criminal grouplet of hypocrites plans and operates suicide operations and self-immolations causing its own members to be killed. They also torture the dissidents physically and mentally. They even have no pity for their old mercenaries.

The terrorist are removed from the list and the British parliament members have become their spokesmen but the terrorists still maintain the strategy of armed struggle in their agenda and cry the slogan of “war against war” everyday, keeping the organization of their army in Iraq.

The below –named signatories who have witnessed the terrorist acts of MKO and bloodshed against our compatriots for three decades, announce our betrayal against the anti- human and illegal decision made by the British Government that de-proscribed the notorious cult of Rajavi and condemn this decision since it violates the international laws.

We are sure that the group that has done a thousand crimes against people (those same people’s of Muajhedin of Iran) in its black file. It has no sympathy for its own members or supporters. It will become a trouble for you someday.

The act done by your government will have no influence on Iranians’ will. The terrorists have no place in our country . De-proscription of the group by British government added another black page to the long history of hostility against Iranians.


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