The secretary of US embassy exposed PMOI leadership

The Second secretary of US embassy report on the horrible crimes of MKO leader

The second secretary of the American embassy in Baghdad, published a documented report on the crimes committed by the MEK’s leaders who bloodshed their own colleagues, raped the women of Ashraf, poisoned and executed dozens of the defectors.

According to FNA reporter in Baghdad, the second secretary of American embassy in Baghdad, William, revealed the bloody violence of Masud Rajavi, MKO leader, against the dissident members, in the third and forth chapter of the report on the actual situation of Mujahedin.

The American official, who investigated the documents and files on Mujahedin, has been one of the authorities who control Camp Ashraf. The report reads:

 Like Malik Farough, the former king of Jordan, Masud Rajavi abuses even his female colleagues.”

In another part of the report you can read:

” Rajavi has expanded sexual relations with the female military, political and administrative ranks of the group. He also ordered the doctors to do hysterectomy surgery on some of them. 

He noted that he has watched the films of the confessions of the women.

The second secretary of the American embassy mentioned that Rajavi sent the husbands to the deadly operations so as he can reach the wives and possess them in Napoleon’s way. In the existing documents in Ashraf you find out that some of the deaths in the group were not random but intentionally planned. In his long report William noted three cases of the planned deaths and wrote:

”the confessions of some of group members reveal that Rajavi was involved in 19 cases of death personally ordering the assassination.”

This American authority points out poisoning of the members and writes:

“Rajavi ordered the silent death, poisoning some friends or colleagues.

He added:

 Now, it is clear for the US that MEK’s leader was involved in the suspicious death of his colleagues who were killed under his order but their death was reported falsely as the result of sickness or accident.

He continued mentioning that the forces of MEK are disappointed at the present time in Iraq and present no benefit to the US administration in the current Iraqi scene.

In a part of the report he writes:

Most of Mujahedin forces are suffering dangerous mental diseases and are likely to commit suicide or homicide.

Besides the Iraqi security authorities stressed that the Americans investigated some individuals who confessed that the MEK leader was involved in the assassination of Iranians residing abroad and some defectors of the group. To commit the assassinations, MKO enjoyed the assistance of embassies of the Saddam’s regime and his security organizations.  

Translation: Nejat Society

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