MKO interference in Iraq election unbearable

Iraqi official: We will cut off the hands of MKO terrorist gang if it wants to intervene in Baghdad elections.

Deputy Iraqi Interior Minister Gen. Hussein Kamal said the country would cut off the hands of the terrorist group of Mujahedin-e Khalq if it wants to intervene in the affairs of the Iraqi elections. General Hussein expressed his hope for the upcoming elections to be held in a safe heaven adding that his country will not allow the MKO or any other terrorist group to interfere in electoral matters.

He also said: Iraq is a free country and people of Iraq want to determine their fate themselves and without any interference.

He added that the Iraqi official confirmed that the position of his government and the Iraqi people in this regard was very clear and that this terrorist group had to leave Iraqi territory.

General Hussein Ali stressed that Iraq is currently coordinating with a third country to deport the rebel group to that country, which declares its readiness to accommodate the group which has committed many crimes against the Iraqi and Iranian peoples.

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