The US’s position on the disposition of Camp Ashraf

Acting Deputy Department Spokesman – Daily Press Briefing

MR. DUGUID: Gordon, is the United States working with the Iraqis on the disposition of the MEK people? It seems like they’re kind of – the Iraqis are rushing to judgment on this sentence and – well, what outcome would you like to see for these people?

MR. DUGUID: As you may be aware, the disposition of Camp Ashraf was given a full transfer to the responsibility of the Iraqis on February the 20th. We continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the residents of Camp Ashraf are treated in accordance with Iraq’s constitution and international obligations. And those are the two key factors that specifically address your question. Although the United States Government remains engaged on this issue, responsibility for resolving the situation at the camp rests with the Government of Iraq at this time.

QUESTION: Do you have a desired outcome from this?

MR. DUGUID: The desired outcome is one that fully fits within Iraq’s laws and their international commitments to the residents of this camp.

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