Iraq to Shutdown Camp Ashraf

UN envoy in Iraq urges countries to accept Iranian dissidents

The resettlement process has moved slowly because the U.N. is struggling to find countries willing to take them. U.N. officials also say that many residents have been uncooperative with the process, complicating the relocation effort.A total of 210 residents have left to other countries so far, according to figures provided by the U.N. refugee agency.

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Iraq To Relocate Iranian Exiles From Camp Ashraf

The UN office in Baghdad said on September 7 that the authorities will transfer the remaining residents of Camp Ashraf in northeastern Iraq to another facility in the Baghdad area…Some 3,000 MKO members were relocated to Camp Liberty on the outskirts of Baghdad last year but some 100 people stayed on at Camp Ashraf to deal..

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New Clashes at Camp Ashraf

Reports suggest the clashes on September 1st, left some members dead and injured and some have been arrested by the Iraqi forces…The Camp Ashraf accommodates about 100 MKO/MEK/PMOI members and the rest have already been transferred to Camp Liberty…

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